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June 2010 Releases

Done with May 2010 Releases? Here are June 2010 Releases. To look further into the future, check Reading Wishlist.

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April 2010 Releases

Done with March 2010 Releases? Here are April 2010 Releases. To look into the future, check Reading Wishlist.

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Gemma Malley’s THE RETURNERS; UK Sales for Jeaniene Frost & Caitlin Kittredge

You may remember me fangirlying over Gemma Malley’s The Declaration and The Resistance, which are further evidence that YA futuristic should be the hottest genre around. Good news is that a third novel is due out early 2010:

Gemma Malley
The Returners
Bloomsbury (UK: 1st February 2010)
Buy (UK)

From here:
What happens when your past begins to catch up with you and you don’t like what you see? Will Hodge’s life is a tragic disaster. His mother is dead. He has no friends. And now he thinks he is being followed by a strange group of people who tell him they know him. But Will cannot remember them at all…that is, at first he can’t. And when he does, he doesn’t much like what he can remember. While he is struggling with these unsettling memories, he learns that his past is a lot deeper than that of many other people. He must find out if he is strong enough to handle the implications of this and to break the powerful hold that his history seems to have on him.

Also, Gollancz has bought UK (and hopefully Australian) rights for Jeaniene Frost’s first three Night Huntress novels and Caitlin Kittredge’s first three Nocturne City novels. Look for them in 2010:

Jeaniene Frost: Halfway to the Grave (14th January 2010); One Foot in the Grave (11th February 2010); At Grave’s End (11th March 2010)
Caitlin Kittredge: Night Life (10th June 2010); Pure Blood (8th July 2010); Second Skin (12th August 2010)

Happy Birthday, Jeaniene Frost & Meme

Today, 13th June, is Jeaniene Frost’s birthday. And what a fabulous reason to buy and preorder her books:

Halfway to the Grave (30th October 2007): Buy
One Foot in the Grave (29th April 2008): Buy
Weddings from Hell [Anthology with Terri Garey, Maggie Shayne & Kathryn Smith] (27th May 2008): Buy
At Grave’s End (30th December 2008): Pre-order

Which Stephenie Meyer book is the book for you?

Your Result: The Host

You like the Twilight people like trying new things. You’ll like this book because its about a race of aliens taking over the galaxy while still living with the consequences of taking over human bodies and receiving their emotions and things and people they love.

New Moon
Which Stephenie Meyer book is the book for you?
Make Your Own Quiz

For the record, The Host is the only SM book I’ve read, and I loved it.

Cat with Books

I woke Manny up from his nap for these, which could explain why he’s the most alert in the first one, and then got sleepy again. His reactions:

Laurell K. Hamilton’s Blood Noir: Worth a sniff.

Jeaniene Frost’s One Foot in the Grave: Cuddle up with on the couch.

Jeaniene Frost’s Halfway to the Grave and One Foot in the Grave: Shouldn’t call your character Cat if she’s not actually a feline *grumpy face*

Having never read any of these books yet, I can’t confirm or deny the plausibility of ReviewerCat’s views.

What Your Taste in Music Says About You

Your musical tastes are energetic and rhythmic.

You are full of energy and can be quite talkative.

You are forward thinking and open minded.

You despise conservatism of any sort.

You are intense, detail oriented, and motivated.

You are an ambitious person, though your ambition is anything but conventional.

Manny Hits the International Circuit

My Manny has hit the international circuit, and by that I mean Mark Henry‘s blog. Do you want to read the Uncorrected Proofs of Happy Hour of the Damned? Of course you do. You love free stuff. Unless I’m projecting my own preferences onto you, in which case I apologise.

Full contest details (in which Manny features) at LiveJournal or BlogSpot.

Back story: I actually took 4 photos, where Manny was in various states of alertness and mood. The photo Mr Mark chose was the fourth, where Manny’s had enough. Is he off to pre-order his own copy of Happy Hour of the Damned? Or is he just fed up with Psycho-Bitch Photograher (aka Tez)? You decide.

Authors: Want me to photograph Manny with your cover flat? Send it through 🙂

And I still have uncaptioned photos of him with Rachel Vincent‘s Rogue cover flat here and here.

In celebration of the release of Jeaniene Frost‘s Halfway to the Grave.

Good News for Some Lovely Pals :-)

Please welcome to LJ Taz, Taryn Blackthorne. Some of us know her under a different name at the Ikonboard. A novella of hers (no, I can’t remember the title) will be published in an upcoming cat shifter anthology from Samhain Publishing.

And she’s Canadian 🙂 Yes, those lucky buggers who get to eat maple cookies. They haven’t made it to Australia, and I feel deprived. I would’ve added a winky there, but I’m actually quite serious about this issue. Me want maple cookies!

And please give a big congratulations to Jo, Johanna Carleton. I can’t tell you what for (it was posted Friends-Only), but send smiles and happy dances her way.

Duran Duran’s Red Carpet Massacre – should I buy in-store or get online?

Have done half of my Christmas shopping this morning. Spent too much.

Won J‘s, Jeaniene Frost‘s, Halfway to the Grave on eBay 🙂 (It’s okay, J – I paid about $20 Australian, which is how much it would cost if I’d ordered it from my favourite bookshop – only this way I’ll get it faster 😉 )

Not in the mood for writing today, but I did read chapters 12 and 13 of Nomi’s mano.

Earlier in the evening, Manny ran to his fortress – under the dining table – because thunder scared him. He’s the cat in this photo, in which he’s posing with…oh I don’t know – JEANIENE FROST’S HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE COVER FLAT! I don’t have the book, so I couldn’t make a cat macro out of that, but you can buy the book now and photograph your own cat.

Here’s a list of books I want to read that are released this month. Please buy them – and feel free to donate them to me 😉

JASMINE CRESSWELL – Payback Nov 1 2007
SHANNON DRAKE – The Queen’s Lady – Nov 1 2007
J T ELLISON – All the Pretty Girls – Nov 1 2007
WENDY ETHERINGTON & LIZ ALLISON – No Holding Back (Nov 1 2007)
JEANIENE FROST – Halfway to the Grave – Nov 1 2007
HEATHER GRAHAM – The Last Noel – Nov 1 2007
KIM HARRISON – A Fistful of Charms – Nov 1 2007
KIM HARRISON (et al) – Holidays Are Hell – Nov 1 2007
CHRIS JORDAN – Trapped – Nov 1 2007
LILITH SAINTCROW – The Devil’s Right Hand – 1 Nov 2007
SHARON SALA – Cut Throat – Nov 1 2007
KATHRYN SMITH – Taken by the Night – Nov 1 2007
LAURELL K HAMILTON – A Lick of Frost – Nov 5 2007
DIANA PHARAOH FRANCIS – The Cipher – Nov 6 2007
TANYA HUFF – The Quarters Novels: Volume II (Nov 6 2007)
MAGGIE SHAYNE – Eternal Love – Nov 15 2007
JACQUELINE WILSON – Kiss – Nov 27 2007
JACKIE KESSLER – The Road to Hell – Nov 2007
GAIL GILES – Right Behind You – Nov 2007

Urban Fantasy Cat Macros

What I really wanted was Manny to be asleep and there to be decent lighting for me to macro: dont wake me – i’z hahfway 2 ze grave. But Manny and lighting would not cooperate. And the second photo was never meant to be a macro – I took it months ago, but only thought to macro it last night.