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[COVER REVEAL] Collide – Melissa West

Tez Says: This post is part of the official cover reveal for Melissa West’s Collide (and it continues in the awesome art trend that the earlier covers in the series has). I’ve also included info about the author’s other books.

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Where Were You When You Read…?

You know all those memes where you list favourite book moments, tropes, characters, all-time faves, keeper shelf, re-reads, etc? I can’t do those. At all. Because my memory is atrocious. And there are simply too many books to read once, so no re-reading. No trying the same book later. You really only do get one chance with me 😉

So I don’t really have book memories. But for some special novels, I remember where I was when I read part of them. (The usual bed/bath/couch doesn’t count, because those are my regular reading places.) These three are all five-star books, by the way 🙂

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[REVIEW] Gravity – Melissa West

Melissa West
Gravity (The Taking, Book 1)
Entangled Teen (US: 18th December 2012)
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They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Bollocks! A brilliant cover can make you pick up a book you otherwise might’ve ignored. I am superficial – the art first attracted me to Melissa West’s Taking series. Look at them! Seriously some of the most beautiful photos out there. Admittedly the scene from Gravity‘s cover doesn’t occur in the novel, but the image is so awesome that I’ll accept any reason to show it off.

The Taking itself (after which the series is named) is pretty darn creepy. Ancients can’t survive on Earth without some sort of antibodies that they can only get from humans. So each Ancient is assigned a human. At midnight, the humans don a “patch”, which is a mask that suctions to the face, covering the eyes, so the human can’t see their Ancient. From the trees, the Ancients emerge, climb in through bedroom windows, and “Take” from their humans. Okay, I’m somewhat fuzzy on the details, because I find the whole concept of Taking rather scary and perhaps a bit rapey.

Another thing I’m foggy on: the Ancients themselves. They’re supposedly really distinguishable by their golden skin and blue-green eyes. But if they’re easily recognisable as Ancient, how come people don’t seem to have cottoned on that [name redacted] is Ancient? I need a closer read or a better explanation.

The Australian Trinity has since been dissolved, thanks to the last leader being unable to have children to continue the legacy of the founding Australian leader. That region is now controlled by the African Trinity. What, they couldn’t hold an election? Why does there have to be nepotism? Also, it’s more likely that we’d be controlled by Asia. Think of soccer – we’re in the Asian group. This is just nitpicking on my account, though – this probably won’t bother non-Australian readers.

Gravity is my favourite kind of sci-fi – it’s set on Earth. Albeit, I’ve heard Book 2, Hover is set elsewhere, but I still plan to give it a go. Melissa West’s debut is big on action, low on romance (but still present), and abounds in science and technology that I’d love to learn more about. I’ve never read anything from Entangled Publishing before, but if Gravity is any example, they must be doing well. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more by Melissa West.