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[REVIEW] Glass Houses – Rachel Caine

Rachel Caine
Glass Houses (Morganville Vampires, Book 1)
Penguin Signet (US & CA: 3rd October 2006); Allison & Busby (UK: 26th May 2008)
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Claire Danvers is young and smart, entering tertiary education aged sixteen. And a half. When you measure ages in halves, you really do sound like a kid, especially when you intend to prove that you’re not 😉 But here she is at uni, living in a dorm, and being bullied – only it’s not just bullying, as Claire is convinced that Monica Morrell is trying to kill her. If the Morganville vampires don’t first.

The Glass House has a room to spare. Each of the three residents has their own tragic past, but the most fascinating one is Michael Glass’s. I’m not often shocked or surprised in fiction, but Michael managed it – my favourite character by far. For readers fed up with vampires as love interests, you’ll be pleased that Morganville’s vampires are wonderfully creepy. Claire is too smart for me to relate to, but what she does in the library’s fourth floor room is chemically awesome. Science for the win! Eve is witty, but her Goth look pisses me off – like she’s putting on a show instead of revealing her true self. That usually shites me in fiction, so this probably isn’t a big deal. Shane is your typical teenage love interest – hot, affable, and with a mysterious past.

All in all, it’ll be interesting to follow the dynamics between the vampires and the humans, and to uncover the full secrets of Morganville.

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[COVER ART] Ravenous – Sharon Ashwood & Cats with Books

(The first image is from here. The rest are from here).

Cover art for Sharon Ashwood‘s Ravenous (January 2009), the first book in the Dark Forgotten series.

Manny with Jennifer Worick & Joe Borgenicht’s The Action Heroine’s Handbook (October 2003), Rachel Caine‘s Glass Houses (3rd October 2006).

Am 59 pages into Michelle Maddox‘s Countdown (29th July 2008), and it is so freaking awesome. A thriller that actually is thrilling. Who needs Michelle Rowen when you can have Michelle Maddox? 😉

Library Haul

I only went the library to collect my CD reservation, and unexpectedly came home with 9 books as well. 4 of them are due back in 2 weeks.

Greg Iles’ Third Degree
The Presets’ Apocalypso (CD)
Rachel Caine’s Glass Houses
Jodi Picoult’s Vanishing Acts
Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend