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[REVIEW] Flirt – Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell K. Hamilton
Flirt (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)
Penguin Berkley (US & CA: 2nd February 2010); Hachette Headline (UK & AU: 2nd February 2010)
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At lunch, Anita Blake and three of her men engage in public displays of affection, and flirt with the waiter. They’re being watched. When Anita goes there alone later, she’s approached by two werelions, who will kill Anita’s loved ones if she doesn’t raise a zombie for their client – the same person from whom Anita earlier turned down work.

When the author is good, she’s very good, as demonstrated in the cemetery scene. Laurell K. Hamilton is at her best taking Anita through the procedure of animating zombies. Instead, most of the book follows the politics surrounding the werelions. And whilst the chapter with Natalie Zell is interesting, it ultimately has nothing to do with the story, except for a short time making Anita wonder who sent the hired goons – and the answer is in the book’s cover copy, and thus not a spoiler.

This between-the-novels snapshot is ultimately unnecessary, and is not worth the hardcover price. Borrow this one from the library, or wait until a paperback edition is available for purchase. You’re not missing much.

February 2010 Releases

Before, there were January 2010 Releases. Now come the February 2010 Releases. For future scheduling, check out the Reading Wishlist.

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[COVER ART] Jennifer Armintrout’s THE TURNING (UK), Kelley Armstrong’s FROSTBITTEN (UK), P. N. Elrod’s DARK AND STORMY KNIGHTS, Laurell K. Hamilton’s FLIRT (UK) & Kit Whitfield’s IN GREAT WATERS (UK)

New Covers (behind the cut)
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[COVER ART] Laurell K. Hamilton’s FLIRT

US cover for Laurell K. Hamilton’s Flirt. And because it’s huge, here’s the link to the UK cover for Ann Aguirre’s Blue Diablo.

New US Pre-Orders

The author has not mentioned this anywhere, and most likely the title and release date will change, but for now the next Anita Blake novel by Laurell K. Hamilton is entitled Flirt and is currently scheduled for 2nd February 2010. Buy (US)

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