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Tez in the City, Part II

-Chatted, signed, photographed with Susan Grant, Liz Maverick, Keri Arthur & Tracey O’hara.

-Liz’s The Shadow Runners is set in Australia in 2176. Not Victoria, but nevertheless I think she was chuffed to be here. And to see for herself if Australia is closer to becoming a penal colony again 😉

-Tracey’s Night’s Cold Kiss cover art was revealed, but I’ll wait for her to share it with you first. Go bother her 😉

Melanie Milburne‘s surgeon husband sometimes phones her for a chat whilst he’s performing surgery. Who says men can’t multi-task? 😉 Melanie also had a trophy on her signing table – I’ll have to check award results.

Amy Andrews has an agent, but looks after her own Mills & Boon business. Her agent deals with Amy’s other works.

-If you’d like to know the mating habits of marine animals and other mammals, consult Lexxie Couper.

Jess Dee has a fabulous South African accent. It’s like the Oz one, only classier. And charming. Makes you want to hug the world. In short: fab.

-Chat and photos with Liz, Sue, Kez, Jordana Ryan, Lexxie, Jess, MaryJanice Davidson & Anthony Alongi, and Dianna Love. Didn’t chat with Sherrilyn Kenyon, but had a photo.

-Skipped out early to head to the State Library of Victoria for a free session with Justine Larbalestier & Simmone Howell. Free cupcakes – the icing was so tasty! 🙂

-In times past and present, they’ve made up their own slang. Consult Simmone about the verb “rod”, and Justine the noun “spoff”.

Scott Westerfeld is tall.


Tez in the City, Part I

Busy weekend. Here’s the non-authorly part.

On Saturday morning, in a wind that totally effed up my hair, I went to Gosch’s Paddock for Melbourne Victory’s open training session. The Grand Final is on this coming Saturday in Melbourne. If you can’t be there in person, be sure to find it on TV. Internationals, ask your favourite pub or sports bar to screen it.

From Costa Rica, José Luis López Ramírez.

Also from Costa Rica, Carlos Hernández Valverde.

And from Brazil, Ney Fabiano de Oliveira.

Though because this is Australia, their names are commonly shorter than the ones above from Wikipedia 😉


Cat with Books – Thursday 8th January 2009

Manny with S. J. Day’s Eve of Darkness, A. J. Menden’s Phenomenal Girl 5, Keri Arthur’s Destiny Kills and Liz Maverick’s Irreversible. It’s only 19C today, so he’s not suffering from heat anymore. Does seem to have the blues, though. He’s purring beside me on the couch right now…

You can see more photos of other stuff at my Flickr.

P. D. Martin & Meme

Australian crime novelist P. D. Martin came to my local library today for a speaking session. I still feel like one of the few writers out there who’s never had a dream inspire any writing. Basically my dreams are faff, odd thoughts throughout the day that somehow come together in a weird combination…but nothing story-worthy. What makes P. D.’s back story of Body Count stand out, however, is that even between little breaks between the three dreams within four hours, each picked up where the previous one left off. But my subconscious is nowhere near that advanced 😉 Anyway, photographic evidence is at my Flickr – I’m not posting it here as I looked rather dopey. Dopier than usual 😉 I hadn’t had any sugar-free cola yet, and I needed my fix…

I was tempted to ask what US agent she previously had, and who the one who sold her books internationally is, but figured that was too nosy. (Yes, who knew I had manners after all? 😉 ) Because I do like to know which agents to avoid. I don’t always feel the need to know the reasons why, but just the names are enough to settle my thirst for wisdom. I can has restraint 😉

And since I was tagged by the fab Becky (who totally needs to stop letting her sisters read her books before she does 😉 )…

Three categories of books. 3 MUST Read Books, 3 Keep Your Eyes on These, and 3 Look For These Soon. Keeping with the theme, I am going to tag at least 3 bloggers. (But I ain’t doing that.) They should put these same lists on their blog but SUBTRACT one book from each list and ADD one of their own. Then they should tag at least 3 more bloggers. Since this is Book Buzz…please keep your lists to titles released in 2007-2009. Put an asterisk next to your addition.

3 Must Read Books:
Duma Key – Stephen King
Black Swan Green – David Mitchell
*The Adoration of Jenna Fox – Mary E. Pearson

3 Keep Your Eyes on These:
Stalking Susan – Julie Kramer
The Keepsake – Tess Gerritsen
*Countdown – Michelle Maddox

3 Look For These Soon:
When Will There Be Good News? – Kate Atkinson
The Fire – Katherine Neville
*Pride – Rachel Vincent

Tez and the City

Warning: I currently have 176 pics on Flickr. Once you get to 200, they make you upgrade. So I’ll be doing a photo cull soon, or starting up a new account. Just letting you know.

You know I love freebies, so a freebie session (as part of the Melbourne Writers’ Festival) with one of my favourite authors? I’m so there. Well, I was so there this afternoon. Robert Muchamore is a fab YA writer, and though the target audience are 12-year-old boys…well, this 22-year-old lass likes the books. Though I haven’t read any past The Fall because I haven’t been to the library for months.

My word, I felt old. I think I was the oldest person in the audience, except for the parents. But it’s just so nice to see good books being appreciated. Kids were lining up to buy more books, and talking about T-shirts and beanies they’ll order off the Internet… And the lines, my word. Long line to get in (I was near the front because I was about 40 minutes early), and an even longer line for the signing. I didn’t bring anything to be signed, on account of I don’t actually own any of the books (I’ve borrowed them from the library). But I did get this photo taken. You probably can’t see my new hair length too well because of my dark locks and black top. But I seem to still have a head tilt, and my teeth still look yellow. Though my cheeks look a bit chubbier in this photo, so it’s possible I’ve put on face weight since May. If you zoom in on the photo, you might be able to see my undiagnosed-condition-ravaged fingers – though they’re not looking too bad today. Sure are wrinkly, though.

Instead of the Malthouse, this year the Festival venue is Federation Square. It’s opposite Flinders Street Station, has weird architecture, and looks kinda fugly. I wasn’t sure exactly where BMW Edge was, so I had to ask. I photographed the stage, and it’s on my Flickr (don’t want to overload you with pics right now; I’m feeling considerate).

Anyway, afterwards I thought I’d take a few photos of Melbourne for you. Didn’t go far, though. But along Swanston Street between Flinders Street and…whatever road the Town Hall is on, there was not one, not two, but three tacky Australian souvenir shops. Great range of postcards, though.

Still, I photographed part of Flinders Street Station, an iconic building that’s no doubt on a postcard somewhere – just not my shoddy photo. Actually, I don’t think I did too bad with this one. Yay me.

That ad I saw on the side of a building. Wicked has come to Melbourne, and as we all know, “Oz” is really Australia. Just don’t follow the Yellow Brick Road, ’cause you’ll take a wrong turn at Albuquerque…

And these horses. (Sorry about the guy’s arse; he was cleaning hooves.) I saw a few horse-and-carriages on the move, but this one was stationary, so I stopped and snapped. They didn’t even freak out at the flash. Good horsies! 🙂

Don’t ask me about the feathered headpieces. They probably have delusions of Kylie Minogue.

Anyway, I’m back in the city tomorrow for the session with Rachel Cohn and Simmone Howell. Now what else should I photograph for you?

Unimpressed Cat

20-second clip of Manny. The camera doesn’t like his white bits, kind of blinding. He doesn’t stay still, and he’s not impressed. You can see the same clip on Vimeo and Blip.

These are just some of the photos I took today. Manny’s with stuff by Kim Harrison, Vicki Pettersson, Charlie Huston, Kat Richardson and Megan Hart – they’re all here. Unfortunately he’s not very impressed with the books. Not my fault.

What someone typed into Google to get to my WordPress: watch kevin bacon’s vanilla ice impressi
I didn’t know Kevin Bacon did a Vanilla Ice impression. Learn something every day…

More Manny-with-Books Photos

Now that I can use Microsoft Office Picture Manager, I’ve altered some more photos of Manny with books. Feel free to caption them (keep them clean) and post them on websites – it all helps to promote the authors. Just be sure to send me the URLs, and those of which you’ve found that other people have made. The original photos are all at my Flickr. The one displayed in this post is the one Mark Henry used to host a caption contest at one stage.

Notice how Manny looks more alive in these photos with Amanda Feral and Rachel Vincent‘s works. And he was curled up because it must’ve been cooler weather (it’s summer, and I’m sweating as we speak).

RJ Anderson: I Am Your Relative

Yes, new userpic, taken sometime in January. The lighting made me look dark, but in reality I look like a pasty-white English backpacker. And yes, my head usually ends up on a tilt in photos. I’m unsteady 😉 And I’m convinced that RJ Anderson and I are related somehow.

So I’ve got myself a Flickr, but am having trouble finding people. Please let me know how I can find you there. Ta.

Uploaded are photos I took this afternoon (okay, Friday afternoon; it’s Saturday now) of my cat Manny with various books (by Kristopher Reisz, Jeri Smith-Ready, Anton Strout, Marta Acosta, Kat Richardson, Jeanne C Stein, Mark Del Franco, Megan Hart, Jennifer Rardin, Jackie Kessler and Jenna Black). This was circa afternoon nap time, so he looks drugged. Note: the weather was warm (27C), so he stretched out. When it’s cooler, he does the foetal position thing.

Way past my bedtime now.