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[REVIEW] Fever – Dee Shulman

Dee Shulman
Penguin Razorbill (UK: 5th April 2012; AU: 27th April 2012; CA: 29th May 2012)
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Stand back – I’m doing science! Well, I’m not, but the characters in this novel do. Virology and String Theory…I don’t really understand them, but I know of them.

Speculative fiction often requires a hefty dose of suspension of disbelief, but Fever requires too much. Time travel, and “Parallon” (which may be some parallel limbo). Reincarnation. My brain does not compute these, so the story doesn’t work for me.

Neither do the characters. Eva Koretsky has beauty, brains, musical ability, acting ability…she’s a Special Snowflake. Her ex-friend Ruby is stereotypically jealous, and possessive of Eva’s love interest. It all reads very familiar, and not in a good way.

Still, I’m interested to learn more about the science, so I’ll give the sequel, Delirium, a crack in 2013.

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Those are the people who did not amount to much at all

Since this laptop (and PC monitor) doesn’t have a proper sound card, I can only hear stuff via headphones. This means my ears get sore after awhile – mostly because I’ve taken up the habit of listening to the radio online.

You know how in Madonna’s “Give It 2 Me”, Pharrell sings to the left, to the right? And the lyrics go with what ear you’re supposed to hear it through?

I’ve been wearing these damn headphones backwards all this time. And I’ve even heard the same song through the headphones before today, and I never picked up that I was wearing them incorrectly.

I can is made of slow and stoopid.

And for the record, I checked the headphones, and they have an L on the left, and an R on the right. I always check for these letters on my earbuds, but not these headphones. I’ve learned my lesson now.

Anyone else do anything stupid lately?

Never Underestimate the Value of Good Comedy
Yesterday I was in a real funk. You know something’s wrong when you find yourself watching Battle of the Choirs. I saw the last 30 minutes, and it really sucked. Kylie Minogue’s music is not made for choral groups. And they didn’t even sing her good songs, like “Confide in Me” and “2 Hearts”. Instead it was the clearly commercialised faff from Light Years and Fever. Eek.

I could’ve watched King of the Hill on another channel, but that show shites me. To me, there’s an unspoken rule that animated prime-time shows should be humorous. KOTH claims to be a comedy, but is really unfunny. Seriously, does not work for me.

But I cheered right up with Family Guy and American Dad! Love those shows; they totally make my day. I even remembered to watch Flight of the Conchords, which was also good fun. I remember back in the days of the late ’90s/early ’00s when the duo was on Stand Up! every week. They weren’t that funny then. But I think now that their songs have context, I like them much more. Because they’re no longer just musical comedians – they’re characters. I appreciated Lano & Woodley more with their TV show, and it must be the same here.

Take Smiles Where You Can Get Them
Was in the new Asian grocer today, and saw “extra fancy” rice and “power” cookies. Somehow those adjectives made them seem more appealing. Didn’t buy them, though I did smile.Those