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February 2011 Releases

Done with January 2011 Releases? Here are February’s releases. To see further into the future, check my Reading Wishlist.

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January 2010 Releases

Done with December 2009 Releases? Then get ordering these January 2010 Releases. For titles even further into the future, check my Reading Wishlist. As always, this list doesn’t include everything, release dates may change, etc. US, Canada, UK and Australia represented.

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November 2009 Releases

Done with October 2009 Releases? Time for November 2009 Releases. And to see further into the future, check the freshly updated Reading Wishlist.

The following US/UK/CA/AU books will be released in November 2009. Release dates are subject to change, so it’s not my fault if I’m wrong 😉 Also, not EVERY November book is listed – just the ones I’ve both heard of AND are interested in. Enjoy! 🙂

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[COVER ART] Rachel Caine’s FADE OUT (UK) & Richelle Mead’s SPIRIT BOUND (US)

UK cover for Rachel Caine’s Fade Out. US (and likely worldwide) cover for Richelle Mead’s Spirit Bound.

[COVER ART] Cape Storm (US) – Rachel Caine & Fade Out (US) – Rachel Caine

US cover art for Rachel Caine’s Cape Storm and Fade Out, as found here and here. Due for release 4th August 2009 and 3rd November 2009 respectively.

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Fade Out: Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA)

[COVER ART] Vanished (UK) – Kat Richardson; 2 New US Pre-Order Links

Kat Richardson’s Vanished (UK). Original

Rachel Caine: Fade Out (3 Nov 2009)
Megan Hart: Pleasure and Purpose (1 Sep 2009); No Greater Pleasure (6 Oct 2009)

Reading Wishlist Update

Reading Wishlist
RACHEL CAINE – Fade Out – Nov 2009
Deleted: (finished reading) SUZANNE McLEOD – The Sweet Scent of Blood