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[REVIEW] Exile – Rebecca Lim

Rebecca Lim
Exile (Mercy, Book 2)
HarperCollins (AU: 1st May 2011; UK: 9th June 2011; CA: 15th August 2011)
Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)

There’s something formulaic about this series: Mercy “wakes” in a body not her own, and quickly has to figure out who she’s meant to be and why. She has a run-in with Luc and the Circle of Eight, then leaves her latest host. Still, it’s a formula that works, so even though Exile feels much like Mercy, it still strikes a chord.

Mercy doesn’t have a strong enough personality, so readers are more likely to remember the other characters. Justine is a dancer, a survivor who needs Mercy’s help. Sulaiman is a cafe chef who may be closer to holiness than Mercy herself. Franklin’s life is so believable it hurts, while Ranald is a petty beeyatch who needs to grow up.

A great way to spend a day.

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