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[REVIEW] Entice – Carrie Jones

Carrie Jones
Entice (Need Pixies, Book 3)
Bloomsbury (US: 7th December 2010; UK & AU: 4th January 2011)
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Nick Colt has died, and been taken away to Valhalla. Or taken to Valhalla where he’ll be killed, I’m not quite sure. Zara White wants nothing more than to have Nick safe and sound back in Maine, but how can she retrieve him if she can’t even find Valhalla?

Zara White is still my favourite protag, in YA or adult. Her passion and commitment to Amnesty International proves that she doesn’t just pay lip service to peace, and that violence really does go against everything for which she stands and believes. Nick may be her number one choice, but I can’t be the only reader who much prefers Astley. As a king, he could’ve been arrogant and a lot worse, but he’s a generous soul who just wants Zara to be happy.

With characters you’ll actually like and intriguing plot elements, Entice deals with tough issues – fearing becoming that which you hate – without falling into emo.

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