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[REVIEW] Demon Chained – Erica Hayes

Erica Hayes
Demon Chained (Shadowfae Chronicles, Book 5)
Erica Hayes (US: 12th September 2013)
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The hero is a dead guy. Since he’s rotting I’d call him a zombie, but the book’s summary mentions something about being demon-cursed. Still sounds like a zombie, though. So if you’re okay with fleshy bits and blood in your erotica, this one’s for you.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a full-length Shadowfae novel…since Book 2, Shadowglass. (Books 3 and 4 are waiting patiently on my shelf.) I love the world-building, writing, effed-up characters, colour, and gross bits… (Okay, delete that last one; it makes me sound creepy.)

Gloriously colourful, textural, and more than a little messed up, the Shadowfae world is always a delight to read. The characters are screwy, which makes them believable, and the situations they get themselves into are less than ideal. Never boring, Demon Chained is jolly good fun, and has me desperate for another full-length novel set in this bizarro Melbourne. Erica Hayes is a champion.

5 New Covers (Aguirre, Arthur, Hayes, Held, Kincy)

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