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[REVIEW] Dead to Me – Anton Strout

Anton Strout
Dead to Me (Simon Canderous, Book 1)
Penguin Books (26th February 2008)
Mass Market Paperback ISBN: 9780441015788

I have a cold, and it’s crept through my sinuses to my brain. Not the ideal situation for reading, but I do what I can when I can.

I like reading Anton Strout’s blogs. I especially like that he’s written (or wants to write) a novel about a made-up band. If that book doesn’t find a publisher I will be very disappointed, because I think it sounds like terrific fun. I’m imagining Spinal Tap in a book, though I think Mr Strout’s novel featured/will feature a punk band. Though if he writes about a skater-punk band, he will be sent to the naughty corner πŸ˜‰

But let’s talk about what’s actually been published, shall we?

In Dead to Me, reformed petty-crime naughty boy and psychometrist Simon Canderous (whose surname probably means something, but I haven’t checked the dictionary yet) works for New York’s Department of Extraordinary Affairs. Psychometry made me think of Kim Wilkins’s Gina Champion series, and the government made me think of Shane Maloney’s Murray Whelan series. But Anton Strout’s Simon Canderous is neither a teenage girl nor a political adviser. (And not Australian, for that matter.)

On the cover of this novel (notice how the New Yorkers are wearing black – that’s not a stereotype; not at all πŸ˜‰ ), Simon appears to be in Times Square and has blue electricity spouting from his fingertips. But I don’t remember a Times Square scene, and it would’ve been more appropriate had Mr Canderous been wielding a baseball bat. But that’s an idea for future cover art.

The author is clever with wordplay (note the titles of Inspectre and Enchancellors), even though some character names are somewhat ridiculous (Thaddeus Wesker and Argyle Quimbley). The relationship between Simon and his mentor is a healthy one. As for the romance angle…I won’t spoil it for you, but I would’ve preferred Mr Canderous stick with the other woman instead.

Within these pages is a wonderfully creative idea called Ghostsniffing, but I’m leaving it to you to learn the fascinating details of that πŸ˜‰ But overall the book did not live up to my high expectations…maybe because I’m still sulking over the lack of the band novel. I’m petty that way.

Any publishers interested in publishing a band novel should contact Mr Strout’s agent.

Bloody Lie

Dutifully went to Eastland yesterday to give Anton Strout‘s Dead to Me promo postcards to the two bookstores. Dymocks accepted some. Angus & Robertson did not. Said they didn’t have space or something. Which is a bloody lie, because I saw plenty of space on the counter. I was polite and accepted their reason, though. Maybe they just didn’t like me. In other words, Mr Anton, you’ll have to get Penguin to bribe Angus & Robertson (Eastland) to display your promo stuff.

So my next move now would be to head to Knox City, where I can visit Dymocks, Borders and Angus & Robertson. Only their A&G might ditch me too. And if I go to Borders, I’ll impulse buy, and I’ve spent enough lately. But there’s no guarantee they’ll have stuff I want to buy, anyway.

Anyway, bought four albums at JB. Too much spending, Tezzy. You’ve got problems.

Oh, and I totally sent a fangirly letter to Judy York who did the art for Marianne Mancusi‘s Razor Girl. She said it was nice her work was appreciated – great lass πŸ™‚

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Urban Fantasy Fans in Australia

The downside to living in Australia is that we often don’t get certain books on our shores unless the UK rights have been sold. Have any UK publishers got Anton Strout‘s Dead to Me rights yet? Buggered if I know.

So if you know of any booksellers in Australia who would like a free Dead to Me postcard, get them to email me at TezMillerOz AT Gmail DOT com with their store info, and I’ll send one along. Hopefully these booksellers will add Dead to Me to their catalogues, or at least…I don’t know, stick the postcard in a nice frame by the cash register so buyers will see it as they buy other stuff.

Please feel free to post this message to your associates in Australia. Postcard will come on a first-come first-served basis until they run out. So get your stores demandin’ now!

Have a Strouty day! πŸ™‚