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August 2008 Reads

9 books. Because I’m not going to finish a 10th before midnight (it’s almost 10PM).

28 Days Later: The Aftermath – Steve Niles, Dennis Calero, Diego Olmos, Nat Jones

LifeMate Connections: Eryn – Keri Arthur “…the mystery itself is actually quite interesting…” Buy

The Taste of Night – Vicki Pettersson “The Neon Boneyard is a brilliant setting as always, and Joaquin’s underground lair is genuinely creepy. The melding of science and magic is a big part of what makes this series a winner…” Buy

Some Writers Deserve to Starve! – Elaura Niles

Already Dead – Charlie Huston “…like me you’ll be hoping to encounter the second Joe Pitt novel, No Dominion, in the near future.” Buy

Silver is for Secrets – Laurie Faria Stolarz “…compulsively readable…Upon finishing I immediately wanted to read the next in the series…Laurie Faria Stolarz is my kind of writer.” Buy

Moon Called – Patricia Briggs “This series has its fans, and there’s reasonable enough evidence in the world-building and class structure.” Buy

Wifey – Judy Blume “That something published in 1978 seems more believable, realistic and relatable than most books on the market today says a lot.” Buy

Darkling – Yasmine Galenorn “Everything fits together well, the characters seem well formed, and the plot’s intriguing.” Buy

[REVIEW] Darkling – Yasmine Galenorn

Yasmine Galenorn
Darkling (Sisters of the Moon, Book 3)
Penguin Berkley (US: 2nd January 2008)

There’s everything but the kitchen sink in the third instalment of the best-selling Sisters of the Moon series.

Half-human and half-Faerie, the D’Artigo sisters are as at home in Seattle as they are in the Otherworld. Camille is a witch, and rules the roost. Delilah shape-shifts into a tabby cat when stressed, but can be a panther at other times. Menolly is a vampire, but not because of her half-Faerie heritage – but for the psycho-sadist Dredge who’s likely responsible for the outbreak of newborn vampires and the havoc they’re causing Seattle.

Vampires, shifters, witches, demons, sprites, gargoyles – you name it; this book as it all. (And a preview of the next book even includes unicorns.) But is it all necessary? Everything fits together well, the characters seem well formed, and the plot’s intriguing. Yet something I can’t put my finger on is stopping this good book from being great. It’s missing the “wow” factor.

But a bothersome issue is the way Menolly and Camille treat Delilah – with kid gloves. The whole “we can’t stress her out”, “got to protect her” attitude they have comes across as condescending. So why isn’t “Kitten” giving her sisters a stern talking-to? They acknowledge her strength and computer skills, but that’s not enough.

But since there are further books in the series contracted, maybe Delilah will get to kick their arses after all. One can only hope…

Tez and the City, Part II

To the left we have Victoria’s own Simmone Howell, author of Notes from the Teenage Underground and the upcoming Everything Beautiful. To the right we have America’s Rachel Cohn, author of…more books than I can count on one hand. (I’ve read all except Cupcake and the co-written with David Levithan Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List.) Both authors are doing several sessions at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival, and because they’re part of the Schools programme, the tickets are cheap ($6). And even those of us older than schoolies can attend. They’re witty and urban women who unintentionally made me realise I don’t know my own city very well. But who cares? I managed to find Gloria Jean’s on Flinders near Elizabeth, which means victory is mine!

And hooray for public transport, which helped me get reading done. I finished Patricia Briggs’s Moon Called yesterday, and read half of Judy Blume’s Wifey in bed. And I finished that off today on the train and in the aforementioned Gloria Jean’s. And read the first two chapters of Yasmine Galenorn’s Darkling on the train home. This is as productive as my reading as been lately, so lap it up.

And dear A. J. Menden’s Phenomenal Girl 5 cover flat arrived today, and thus I photographed. The cat had just woken up from a nap and wasn’t ecstatic. I tried to take a second photo, but by then he was licking himself. So while I don’t have photographic evidence, I can assure you that Manny did sniff the cover flat. He did ignore the MendenPen on his side, but what can you do?