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[REVIEW] Coming Home – P. D. Martin

P. D. Martin
Coming Home (Sophie Anderson, Book 6 [novella]) [eBook only]
Murderati Ink (Date: 21st March 2011)
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Thanks to her dual citizenship, Sophie Anderson has graduated from the Victoria Police in Australia to the FBI in the US. But a call from home brings her back to the motherland: a current serial killer case is linked to the death of Sophie’s own brother years ago.

This novella starts off slow, with info-dumps regarding investigation procedures, the differences in US and Australian laws, Sophie’s history, etc. But when Sophie and Victoria’s only forensic psychologist draft a profile, the pace steps up and the story becomes a real thriller. The emotional depth is raw, and the setting in my own state (I’m most familiar with Eltham in this tale) brings the danger disturbingly close to home for Victorian readers. Coming Home is well worth reading.