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5th January 2016 Releases

Happy Release Day to:

Keri Arthur
City of Light (Outcast, Book 1)
Penguin Signet (US & CA: 5th January 2016); Hachette Little, Brown Piatkus (UK: 5th January 2016)
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When the bombs that stopped the species war tore holes in the veil between this world and the next, they allowed entry to the Others – demons, wraiths, and death spirits who turned the shadows into their hunting grounds. Now, a hundred years later, humans and shifters alike live in artificially lit cities designed to keep the darkness at bay… As a déchet – a breed of humanoid super-soldiers almost eradicated by the war – Tiger has spent her life in hiding. But when she risks her life to save a little girl on the outskirts of Central City, she discovers that the child is one of many abducted in broad daylight by a wraith-like being – an impossibility with dangerous implications for everyone on earth. Because if the light is no longer enough to protect them, nowhere is safe…

Karen Bao
Dove Arising (Dove Chronicles, Book 1)
Penguin Speak (US & CA: 5th January 2016)
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Setting: The Moon. Phaet Theta’s Plan: Live peacefully in the lunar colony, work hard, become a scientist, and enjoy a quiet future off the government’s radar. Then her mother is arrested. The New Plan: Enlist in the militia, learn everything she can from top trainee Wes, and become the youngest Militia Captain in history so she can save her family. It all seems perfect. Until Phaet’s logically ordered world begins to crumble…

[REVIEW] City of Light – Keri Arthur

Keri Arthur
City of Light (Outcast, Book 1)
Penguin Signet (US & CA: 5th January 2016); Hachette Little, Brown Piatkus (UK: 5th January 2016; AU: 12th January 2016)
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It’s been a long time since I last read a Keri Arthur book, the final in the Riley Jenson series. (I own all the Dark Angel and Souls of Fire novels, but haven’t read them yet.) What I love about those are the serial killer cases to investigate.

City of Light, however, is an entirely different kettle of fish, though this Outcast world also has shifters and vampires, and the lead character is a hybrid. Tiger is a shifter-vampire humanoid, genetically engineered by the military to act as a “lure” – to seduce targets, collect their secrets, then kill them. This was during the time of the war between shifters and vampires that opened some rift that let wraiths and whatnot into Tiger’s world. (I still don’t understand rifts.)

I came in expecting a sci-fi novel, but it’s much more paranormal – which had me struggling to make sense and picture things. The biggest problem is Tiger herself. Her shifter genes came from a tiger, but not just any tiger – a WHITE tiger. The book acknowledges that white tigers are rare, but neglects to mention why – INBREEDING. Yes, there are some Bengal white tigers in the world, but mostly the white tigers you see are a result of inbreeding, which leads to health problems such as kidney issues.

So why don’t Tiger’s genes come from a regular orange-with-black-stripes tiger? White tigers don’t have special abilities, and as mentioned above they come with extra health concerns. So why would you use THEIR genes, instead of healthier genes? You wouldn’t. So the white tiger element does NOT MAKE SENSE. Tiger never shifts into a tiger, anyway – she shifts into other people, and “particles” consisting of shadows or a “sunshine shield”. So the only reason I can think of to include the white tiger aspect would be…aesthetics? Though in one scene, Tiger’s old friend refers to her being orange, which he should’ve known better about but Tiger acknowledges that and shags him anyway, even though she doesn’t trust him. *headdesk*

I can’t wrap my head around the world-building. I figured that the population was decimated during the war, but there’s still enough for the city to have at least TWO high-class brothels? Tiger scavenges for food, but that doesn’t explain how the bunker she lives in has power, if she can’t afford to pay it. Also, does she live IN a museum, or next to one? Her security set-up of laser grids and whatnot belong to the museum, I think, so I couldn’t quite follow.

And the ghosts. Tiger’s regular companions are Cat and Bear, whom at first I thought were ghosts of her colleagues in the military, but they’re actually ghost children. And we’re told that there are “hundreds” of “little ones” in Tiger’s bunker, but since we don’t individually meet them by name it’s kind of hard to care when their lives are at risk. (Well, their ghost lives.)

Had I understood the world more, I would’ve been better able to connect with the story and characters. Hopefully Book 2 will fill in the gaps so I won’t feel so baffled.

January 2016 Releases

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4 New Covers (Arthur, Black, Brosh, Verday)

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Now Available for US Pre-Order

Maree Anderson: FREAKS IN THE CITY (paperback): 11th April 2015: Buy (US)
Kelley Armstrong: THE UNQUIET PAST: 29th September 2015: Buy (US)
Kelley Armstrong: OTHERWORLD SECRETS: 26th January 2016: Buy (US)
Keri Arthur: CITY OF LIGHT: 5th January 2016: Buy (US)
Karen Bao: DOVE ARISING (paperback): 5th January 2016: Buy (US)
Kylie Chan: BLACK JADE: 29th December 2015: Buy (US)
Christina Farley: BRAZEN: 29th September 2015: Buy (US)
Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner: THEIR FRACTURED LIGHT: 1st December 2015: Buy (US)
Krissy Kneen: THE ADVENTURES OF HOLLY WHITE AND THE INCREDIBLE SEX MACHINE (paperback): 12th January 2016: Buy (US)
Marissa Meyer: FAIREST (paperback): 2nd February 2016: Buy (US)
Marissa Meyer: HEARTLESS: 2nd February 2016: Buy (US)
Veronica Rossi: RIDERS: 2nd February 2016: Buy (US)
Carrie Ryan: BOUGAINVILLEA: 8th April 2015: Buy (US)
Maggie Stiefvater: THE RAVEN’S PROPHECY TAROT: 8th September 2015: Buy (US)
Amanda Sun: RISE: 1st May 2015: Buy (US)

4 New Covers (Armstrong, Arthur, DeStefano, Harrison)

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7 New Deals (Arthur, Bao, Heathfield, Hoover, Landers, Rollins, Woolston)

Keri Arthur‘s new genetically-engineered courtesan assassin urban fantasy series to NAL. The first book, City of Light, is due out in 2015.

Karen Bao‘s sci-fi trilogy set on the Moon to Viking Children’s (World English rights). The first novel, Dove Arising, is about introvert Phaet Theta, a model citizen whose mettle, faith, and beliefs are tested when she’s forced to confront disturbing truths about her society and its government in order to save her family.

Lisa Heathfield’s Seed (2015), plus a sequel, to Egmont UK (world English rights). 15-year-old Pearl has lived her whole life within the small community at Seed, which worships Nature and idolise their leader, Papa S. However when outsiders arrive in the community, Pearl begins to realise that there is darkness at heart of the community.

Colleen Hoover‘s next new adult novel, to Atria (world rights).

Melissa Landers‘s Starflight to Disney-Hyperion. Pitched as “Overboard meets Firefly“, in which an orphan indentures herself to a wealthy, arrogant man in exchange for passage to a new world; but when an accident erases his memory, she convinces him that their roles are reversed and leads him on a series of intergalactic misadventures.

Danielle Rollins‘s Burning in a two-book deal to Bloomsbury (world English rights). A YA horror novel pitched as “Orange Is the New Black meets Carrie“. In a juvenile detention facility, Angela is a girl just weeks from being released when she gets a new cellmate – a tiny, yet dangerous, 10-year-old who may be starting fires with her mind.

Blythe Woolston‘s two new YA novels to Candlewick (North American rights). MARTians (2016) is a dark comedy about a girl left to fend for herself in a world of urban decay studded with big box stores and mosquito-infested swimming pools. Hacking Texanna (2017) is a love story about a genius boy hacker, on the autistic spectrum, who decides to “hack” the personality of a mesmerising girl in his class, with unforeseen consequences.