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[REVIEW] Catch & Release – Blythe Woolston

Blythe Woolston
Catch & Release
Lerner Carolrhoda Lab (US: 1st February 2012)
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MRSA (what does that stand for?) is a contagion – bacteria enters the body via a cut and kills what it comes across. For Polly Furnas, it entered via a bleeding blemish, taking out her cheek and an eye. MRSA also took Odd Estes’s leg, which has since been replaced with a robot leg. And these people were the lucky ones.

Polly and Odd met in hospital, and now they embark on a fishing road trip. On a diet of junk food, coffee, alcohol, and medical marijuana, each teen comes to terms with their disabilities whilst trying to survive each other.

With a parent blind in one eye, I believe our narrator’s problems merging lanes and parking. Polly Furnas is affable, clever, and funny; exactly the traits that make for a great “Vagina American”.

-“I am not a pussy. I prefer the term Vagina American.”
-“It’s a trout. It’s a whore. It’s every guy’s fantasy.”
-“Krikey. Bad idea, mate.” Actually, it’s spelled Crikey, but hopefully this’ll be fixed before publication.

Meanwhile, Odd is a douche: He dumps a dog on Polly’s mum to care for, he pees on roads and graves, he struggles to sleep without booze, he carries a gun, he makes Polly pay for everything…and he’s a massive bitch. He’s such bad company that I’m not sure why Polly chose to go with him (other than needing time away from her mum). But Polly thinks he’s a douche, too, so I have the intended reader reaction – and that doesn’t often happen, so Blythe Woolston should be commended.

Catch & Release is character-driven, and the low level of plot may put off readers, but it’s still more accessible than the author’s first novel. And it has one of the most deliciously creepy covers!