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8 New Covers (Andrews, Armstrong, Arthur, Condie, Graves, Gray, Kaufman & Kristoff, Shepherd)

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Now Available for US Pre-Order

V.C. Andrews: BENEATH THE ATTIC: 27th August 2019: Buy (US)
Kelley Armstrong: CRUEL FATE: 30th April 2019: Buy (US)
S. A. Bodeen: THE TOMB (paperback): 24th September 2019: Buy (US)
Katelyn Detweiler: THE UNDOING OF THISTLE TATE: 23rd July 2019: Buy (US)
Kim Harrison: PERFUNCTORY AFFECTION: 31st March 2019: Buy (US)
Kim Liggett: THE UNFORTUNATES (paperback): 23rd July 2019: Buy (US)
Ceri A. Lowe: THE STORM GIRL’S SECRET: 17th December 2018: Buy (US)
Paul Tremblay: THE CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD (paperback): 23rd July 2019: Buy (US)
Paul Tremblay: GROWING THINGS AND OTHER STORIES: 2nd July 2019: Buy (US)
Danielle Vega: THE HAUNTED: 4th June 2019: Buy (US)