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5th June 2012 Releases

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June 2012 Releases

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[REVIEW] Arise – Tara Hudson

Tara Hudson
Arise (Hereafter, Book 2)
HarperCollins (CA: 23rd May 2012; US: 5th June 2012; UK: 5th July 2012)
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Joshua Mayhew is alive, and a Seer. Amelia Ashley is a ghost. They totally want to do each other, but Amelia can’t control her vanishing, though she still accompanies the Mayhews to their family Christmas holiday in New Orleans. Can voodoo help Amelia stay solid? And at what cost?

For characters motivated by the possibility of sex, this story is actually quite chaste, which is nice. But Arise‘s best aspect is the female friendship between Amelia and Gaby.

New Orleans is a setting overdone to death, particularly the French Quarter, and Arise doesn’t add anything new. This short little novel is fine to read, but doesn’t really leave a mark.

9 New Covers (Barnes, Blaine, Clark, Hudson, McCafferty, Peterfreund, Richardson, Williams, Winnacker)

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