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[REVIEW] Amidst a Crowd of Stars – Megan Hart

Megan Hart
Amidst a Crowd of Stars (short story) [eBook]
Samhain (US: 7th September 2010)
Buy (US) Buy (UK)

I didn’t expect to read Amidst a Crowd of Stars, but it was included in Megan Hart’s Passion Model paperback. A futuristic romance, the story is framed by two scenes set in the present (well, the futuristic present), and the others are in reverse chronological order. But even if the scenes were in the correct order, I still wouldn’t believe the romance. It’s basically just shagging, though we’re told they love each other. Whatev. I don’t mind erotic fiction, as long as it’s not presented as a romance. I prefer erotic fiction to be about the psychology, a deep character study with real tough issues, and not just things that can easily be solved by a Magical Wang. If I don’t believe, I don’t care. Far from the author’s best work (which is Precious and Fragile Things, a mainstream novel which I highly recommend).

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