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Blog Search Terms – Weird & Wonderful

I check my blog stats daily to see how visitors get to my WordPress. This evening, I checked for the most used search terms to get here during the past 90 days.

Overwhelmingly popular are various search terms involving Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series. If you’re looking for spoilers, you’re in luck! For the first two novels, anyway. Haven’t got the third yet, but hopefully some bright spark at Penguin Australia will stick it on NetGalley. Or I wait for the paperback from the library, and type up my Post-It handwritten notes. Whenever that’ll be. Anyhoo, Bared to You and Reflected in You. Now you know.

tez bronze – I’m pale.
2nd of april 2013 will the dollar go up or down – I’m poor. But I can tell you that the only place I’ve found 250g bags of chips is in Aldi, and they’re only $2. A wise investment, perfect for binge-eaters. (I binge, but don’t purge.)
military tez kit – If you find one, let me know what’s in it.
what is a good speech for the bride from her sister – Sorry, dude; you’re on your own with that one.
brigth side i can tez my husband – I am not a verb. But if I were… tez = raise an eyebrow.
tez miller review for the book gabriel’s rapture – Haven’t read it; don’t care to. But if you send me a copy, I’ll post spoilers for you.
tez counselling – Sorry, dude; you’re on your own with that one.
invisible borders of acids irreversibly marks tresspassers – WTF?!
how did tez get killed – Not very well. I’m still alive.
reisz pronunciation – You know Reese Witherspoon? Pronounce Reisz as if it’s Reese. Kristopher Reisz taught me that. I’m guessing that also applies to Tiffany Reisz.

father ted you big fool
south park ungroundable steven quotes

will soren die in tiffany reisz book the mistress

will nora end up with kingsley and soren in the book the mistress – Would also settle for Nora with Soren, or Kingsley with Soren. But I’ll read whatever Tiffany Reisz writes, because she and her writing are freaking awesome.

Which Father Ted Character Are You?

Which Father Ted Character Are You?

Your Result

You’re Dougal! The big fool!

Thursday Thirteen: Favourite TV Characters

Thursday Thirteen
Favourite TV Characters (in no particular order)
(Edition #19)

1. American Dad!‘s Klaus: The CIA switched a goldfish’s brain with that of an East German Olympic ski-jumper. Endlessly funny.

2. American Dad!‘s Roger: Pretty sure I asked for pecan sandies… We can all relate.

3. American Dad!‘s Toshi: Gives the most poetic insults.

4. Black BooksManny: Like my cat Manny, this one also has to deal with an eejit on a daily basis.

5. Family Guy‘s Jasper: Wonderfully fun.

6. Family Guy‘s Joe: Hardcore.

7. Family Guy‘s Mayor West: Delightfully dim.

8. Family Guy‘s Quagmire: Crude to the max.

9. Father Ted‘s Father Jack: Who doesn’t like telling everyone to feck off at one time or another?

10. Futurama‘s Dr Zoidberg: There’s a bit of Zoidberg in us all.

11. Futurama‘s HedonismBot: Lives the decadent life in style.

12. South Park‘s Canadians: That’s Scott; he’s a dick. Love their matter-of-fact, to-the-point way of speaking.

13. The Vicar of Dibley‘s Geraldine: Made a wrong move switching her photo of Sean Bean with that of Robbie Williams. But redeemed herself by marrying Richard Armitage Harry.

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