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The 1st 13 Books on My To-Be-Read Pile – Thursday 22nd October 2009

Subject to change, if my other library reservation comes in, or if I get more ARCs or review copies.

1. Kelley Armstrong’s Frostbitten (library) [currently reading]
2. Kelly Meding’s Three Days to Dead (ARC)
3. Laurell K. Hamilton’s The Laughing Corpse (review copy)
4. Kim Harrison’s Every Which Way But Dead
5. Kim Harrison’s A Fistful of Charms
6. Trisha Telep’s The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance
7. Karin Slaughter’s Fractured
8. Karin Slaughter’s Genesis
9. Tess Gerritsen’s The Bone Garden
10. Tess Gerritsen’s Keeping the Dead
11. Kim Harrison’s For a Few Demons More
12. Kim Harrison’s Where Demons Dare
13. Mo Hayder’s Ritual

Thursday Thirteen: 27th August 2009

The 1st 13 Books on My To-Be Read Pile
1. Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy (currently reading)
2. Kelley Armstrong’s The Awakening (library book)
3. Sophie McKenzie’s The Set Up (library book)
4. Claire Delacroix’s Fallen (library book)
5. Liz Jensen’s The Rapture (library book)
6. Amy Rench’s Fallen Rogue (ARC)
7. Kelly Gay’s The Better Part of Darkness (ARC)
8. Richelle Mead’s Succubus on Top
9. Richelle Mead’s Frostbite
10. Richelle Mead’s Storm Born
11. Richelle Mead’s Succubus Dreams
12. Richelle Mead’s Shadow Kiss
13. Richelle Mead’s Succubus Heat

Thursday Thirteen: May 14 – Music

Actually only came up with 12 songs I’m rather enjoying of late, in alphabetical order of artist. Unless my alphabet skills are screwy, which they may very well be.

1. Alan Brough Interviews Sarah Wendell & Candy Tan. ABC put the audio online today.

2. Lily Allen – Not Fair

3. Eskimo Joe – Foreign Land

4. Evermore – Hey Boys and Girls (Truth of the World, Part 2)

5. Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls

6. Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone

7. Kasabian – Fire

8. Lady Gaga – Lovegame

9. Daniel Merriweather – Change
Embedding disabled by request

10. Peaches – Talk to Me

11. The Presets – If I Know You

12. Tiga – Shoes

13. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

Thursday Thirteen: Favourite TV Characters

Thursday Thirteen
Favourite TV Characters (in no particular order)
(Edition #19)

1. American Dad!‘s Klaus: The CIA switched a goldfish’s brain with that of an East German Olympic ski-jumper. Endlessly funny.

2. American Dad!‘s Roger: Pretty sure I asked for pecan sandies… We can all relate.

3. American Dad!‘s Toshi: Gives the most poetic insults.

4. Black BooksManny: Like my cat Manny, this one also has to deal with an eejit on a daily basis.

5. Family Guy‘s Jasper: Wonderfully fun.

6. Family Guy‘s Joe: Hardcore.

7. Family Guy‘s Mayor West: Delightfully dim.

8. Family Guy‘s Quagmire: Crude to the max.

9. Father Ted‘s Father Jack: Who doesn’t like telling everyone to feck off at one time or another?

10. Futurama‘s Dr Zoidberg: There’s a bit of Zoidberg in us all.

11. Futurama‘s HedonismBot: Lives the decadent life in style.

12. South Park‘s Canadians: That’s Scott; he’s a dick. Love their matter-of-fact, to-the-point way of speaking.

13. The Vicar of Dibley‘s Geraldine: Made a wrong move switching her photo of Sean Bean with that of Robbie Williams. But redeemed herself by marrying Richard Armitage Harry.

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Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen
13 Songs I’ve Enjoyed Lately (in no particular order)
(Edition #18)
1. The Ting Tings’ “Shut Up and Let Me Go”
2. Gabriella Cilmi’s “Save the Lies”
3. Coldplay’s “Lost!”
4. The Presets’ “Yippyo-Ay”
5. Madonna’s “Miles Away”
6. Rihanna’s “Rehab”
7. Lady GaGa’s “Just Dance”
8. Sam Sparro’s “21st Century Life”
9. The Ting Tings’ “That’s Not My Name”
10. The Ting Tings’ “Great DJ”
11. Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris’ “Dance wiv Me”
12. The Presets’ “Talk Like That”
13. Rihanna’s “Disturbia”

Family Guy

You know when I did my Thursday Thirteen of my favourite Family Guy songs? I totally forgot a fabulous one – “Give Up the Toad”. Look it up, and, kids – don’t do drugs. No “lily-padding”. No “doing Kermit”. When you do toad, you’re doing every toad that toad has ever been with. Gotta give it up – give up the toad!

Thursday Thirteen

It’s not yet Thursday. But it will be in circa 15 minutes. I like to stay ahead.

Thursday Thirteen
My Favourite Songs from Family Guy
(Edition #16)
1. “Shipoopi”: Showboating with this song got Peter dumper from the New England Patriots. So worth it, though 🙂
2. “Can’t Touch Me”: Now we know about about diplomatic immunity.
3. “Do Her (Aah! Aah!)”: What Peter and Lois thought they were singing was quite drastically different from what they were actually singing.
4. “The Freakin’ FCC”: The FCC don’t want you to have fun.
5. “You Have AIDS”: If you’re getting bad news, it’s best to get it in song.
6. “I Got a Hangnail”: Anything can inspire a rap.
7. “You’ve Got a Lot to See”: How life in the US has changed – and not changed – since Pearl was outside the house.
8. “It’s One Fine Day to Be Nude”: Bill Clinton is a happy man.
9. “You and I Are So Awfully Different”: Brian and Stewie insult each other through song.
10. “When We Swing”: Brian and Stewie get to swing with Frank Sinatra Jr. Good times!
11. “Hic-a-doo-La!”: Life’s fun when you hang out on the beach with Quagmire.
12. “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”: Brian used it to try to cheer up Peter. It may not have worked.
13. “Rock Lobster”: Peter performed this acoustically to cheer up Cleveland. It didn’t work for him, but it totally works for me 🙂

Thursday Thirteen & Meme

Thursday Thirteen
Things I Love About the TV Show American Dad!
(Edition #15)
1. The theme song. Should be America’s new national anthem. It’s the kind of song even non-Americans love.
2. It’s created and written by Americans, who best know the worst things about the U.S. can make great comedy.
3. Its social commentary. Namely it goes to prove that just because you work for the Central Intelligence Agency, that does not make you smart.
4. Klaus. He was a German Olympic ski-jumper, and the CIA switched his brain into that of a goldfish, so Germany wouldn’t win the medal. The most interesting back story since Cat from Red Dwarf.
5. The sci-fi elements. Roger the alien, Klaus the talking fish, vacation goo, brain/body switching…
6. Roger may be “special”, but he doesn’t have any superpowers. Except for pooping gold and gems. Kind of like how Dr Zoidberg hacks up pearls. Bodily functions can be valuable.
7. An episode summary I read on Wikipedia gave me a story idea.
8. Francine never had a real medical degree, but she still became a surgeon, and loved her Dr Bearington.
9. Hayley counteracts all the stuff unlikable about Stan. He loves guns; she doesn’t. He loves George W. Bush; she doesn’t. He’s homophobic and xenophobic; she’s not…
10. Greg and Terry. Greg taught Terry how to accept compliments. Even though Terry still won’t come out until his father’s dead. I love their witty banter.
11. Toshi. He has the most poetic insults.
12. The episode where Steve thinks he’s become a werewolf. The same episode in which we meet Arboreus, who’s had chlorophyll injections in his quest to become a tree. Klaus becomes human. And bling saves the day (or at least Stan’s life).
13. It makes me laugh.

Your Blogging Type is Cutting Edge and Amusing

You’re an amazing storyteller, and you amuse many with your anecdotes.
In fact, you can turn the dullest part of your day into a colorful event.
You’re also up on what’s new and cool – from fashions, to links, to gadgets.
You’re the perfect combo: down to earth, funny, and a little mischievous.

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen
Random Thoughts Circa 11:20PM on Wednesday Night
(Edition #14)
1. Tooth no longer aches. Karma is no longer punishing me.
2. Really should wash my hair tomorrow.
3. Just read a published short story with Elvis Presley as the narrator. Is that even legal? Can the Presleys sue the author for fictionalising their relative without consent?
4. Does that mean Jean Plaidy got her arse sued for writing all those books about dead royals?
5. Disappointed that signing-session ticketholders at ARRC09 won’t be allowed into the goodie room. Do you reckon a delegate could get a free Goodie Room Guest pass for me?
6. After I finish this ARC, I might re-order my To-Be-Read pile.
7. Coldplay’s “Lost!” has great percussion (take a bow, Will Champion), but I still wish they’d released “Yes” as a single instead.
8. Must research bio-stasis at Wikipedia sometime soon.
9. Must check what Family Guy episode Channel 7’s showing at whatever bloody time tomorrow night.
10. Joe R. Lansdale’s contribution to the Blood Lite anthology is the best of the bunch so far.
11. Weenie pull! (See 10.)
12. Yawny. Think I’ve ran out of thoughts.
13. kthxbai

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen
Songs I’m Enjoying Now in No Particular Order
(Edition #11)
1. Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris: “Dance wiv Me”
2. The Presets: “Talk Like That”
3. Rihanna: “Disturbia”
4. Carolina Liar: “I’m Not Over”
5. Coldplay: “Yes”
6. Gabriella Cilmi: “Don’t Want to Go to Bed Now”
7. The Vines: “He’s a Rocker”
8. Flight of the Conchords: “Bret, You Got It Going On”
9. Madonna: “She’s Not Me”
10. Gnarls Barkley: “Run (I’m a Natural Disaster)”
11. Sam Sparro: “Black and Gold”
12. Madonna & Justin Timberlake: “4 Minutes”
13. Sneaky Sound System: “Kansas City”