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Now Available for US Pre-Order

Some of my recent finds. (NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Karen Ann Hopkins: Wicked Legacy: Kindle Edition & Paperback

Kelley Armstrong: The Deepest of Secrets: 15th February 2022: Kindle Edition & Hardcover
Holly Black: Book of Night: 3rd May 2022: Kindle Edition & Hardcover
Samantha Hayes: The Trapped Wife: 8th September 2021: Kindle Edition
Carrie Jones: Inch Worms: 1st September 2021: Kindle Edition
Amelia Kahaney: All the Best Liars: 5th April 2022: Kindle Edition & Hardcover
Mindy McGinnis: The Last Laugh: 15th March 2022: Kindle Edition & Hardcover
Lilja Sigurðardóttir: Cold as Hell: Kindle Edition (28th August 2021) & Paperback (1st February 2022)

January 2021 Releases

Better late than never, right? So here are some books you may have missed, released January 2021. All are US publication dates, and all buy links are to Kindle Editions. (NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) Goodreads links lead to my star-ratings (out of five) and any thoughts.


Abigail Barnette: Sophie: Buy
Simone Buchholz (translated by Rachel Ward): Hotel Cartagena: Buy
Megan Hart: All the Things We Need (previously published as Vanilla): Buy: Goodreads
Samantha Hayes: Single Mother: Buy
Kristi Helvig: Dreamscapes: Buy
Melanie Raabe (translated by Imogen Taylor): The Shadow: Buy: Goodreads
P. J. Tracy: Deep into the Dark: Buy
Paul Tremblay: The Little Sleep: Buy
Rachel Vincent: Every Single Lie: Buy

[REWIND] May 2020 Releases

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If you stopped keeping updated on book stuff in 2020, this blog series is for you. A list, organised by month, of 2020 book releases. All are US publication dates, and all buy links are to Kindle Editions. (NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) Goodreads links lead to my star-ratings (out of five) and any thoughts.


Naomi Clark: The Witch’s Guide to Werewolves: Buy
Cassandra Rose Clarke: Sacred Summer: Buy
Suzanne Collins: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes: Buy
Stephanie Diaz: Extraction: Buy: Goodreads
Stephanie Diaz: Rebellion: Buy
Stephanie Diaz: Evolution: Buy
Jenna Glass: Queen of the Unwanted: Buy
Megan Hart: Broken: Buy
Samantha Hayes: The Happy Couple: Buy
R. Z. Held: Dirty Burnout: Buy
Kristi Helvig: Burn Out: Buy: Goodreads
Karen Ann Hopkins: Unholy Ground: Buy
Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff: Aurora Burning: Buy
Laura Lam: Goldilocks: Buy
Tiffany Reisz: The Return: Buy
Andrea Robertson: Forged in Fire and Stars: Buy
Francesca Serritella: Ghosts of Harvard: Buy

May 2020 Releases

The following is a list of books released in May 2020, which was last month.

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Kindle Edition Shopping: $0.99 – $3.99 (US)

I have Kindle Edition shopped. Buy these books now, or pay more for them later!

$0.99 Samantha Hayes’s THE LIAR’S WIFE

$1.99 Megan Hart’s WOMB



$2.99 Parker Peevyhouse’s THE ECHO ROOM

$3.99 Samantha Hayes’s TELL ME A SECRET

$3.99 Samantha Hayes’s DATE NIGHT

$3.99 Kate Karyus Quinn’s ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE

[REVIEW] Before You Die – Samantha Hayes

Samantha Hayes
Before You Die [also published as What You Left Behind] (Lorraine Fisher, Book 2)
Random House (UK & AU: 15th January 2015; CA: 24th March 2015; US: 14th April 2015)
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TRIGGER WARNINGS: Suicide, hate-crime.

Samantha Hayes’s previous novel, Until You’re Mine, is fabulous. Family-based paranoia, its creepiness is very affective. But what makes it so good is that it mostly focuses on ordinary people, who AREN’T in law enforcement and investigation. Mostly.

Thus what makes Until You’re Mine stand out from the crowd is unfortunately missing here. I enjoyed meeting Detective Inspector Lorraine Fisher and her family back then, and I still like Lorraine here in Before You Die. Often faced with other police members’ incompetence or carelessness, she strides in and takes over – because someone has to, and since no one else seems to have bothered, it’s up to Lorraine. (Really, how is Burnley still employed?)

Yes, Before You Die is family-based paranoia like its predecessor, and it still has a twist for the very last chapter. But because it mainly focuses on Lorraine’s family, it just doesn’t have the same appeal as the first book. It’s still well-written and engaging, but the series seems now in police-procedural territory…and thus difficult to stand out from all the other police procedurals on the crime shelves.

The third novel in the series is being released shortly, and I look forward to reading it. And though I really like Lorraine, I hope this new novel will regain what made the first book so fabulous.