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July 2012 Releases

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Common First Names of YA Authors

Rachel Vincent mentioned on her blog how numerous some first names of YA authors are. Sometimes they’re spelled differently, but I’ve made a little list. Most popular: Amanda, Amy, Jennifer, Jessica, Kate, Megan, Rachel, and Sara.

AMANDA – Amanda Grace, Amanda Marrone, Amanda Sun
AMY – Amy Garvey, Amy Christine Parker, Amy Kathleen Ryan
CARRIE – Carrie Jones, Carrie Ryan
HEATHER – Heather Brewer, Heather Davis
JENNIFER – Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Jennifer Bosworth, Jennifer Rush
JESSICA – Jessica Brody, Jessica Spotswood, Jessica Verday
JUSTINE – Justine Larbalestier, Justine Musk
KAREN – Karen Kincy, Karen Mahoney
KAT – Kat Falls, Kat Zhang
KATE – Kate Ellison, Kate Gordon, Kate Karyus Quinn
KELLY – Kelley Armstrong, Kelly Keaton
LAURA – Laura Bickle, Laura Riken
MEGAN – Megan Crewe, Megan McCafferty, Megan Shepherd
MELISSA – Melissa Landers, Melissa Marr
RACHEL – Rachel Caine, Rachel Cohn, Rachel Vincent
SARA – Sarah Crossan, Sara Wilson Etienne, Sara Grant
SOPHIE – Sophie Littlefield, Sophie McKenzie
TARA – Tara Hudson, Tara Moss
VERONICA – Veronica Rossi, Veronica Roth

April 2012 Releases

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[REVIEW] Bumped – Megan McCafferty

Megan McCafferty
Bumped (Bumped, Book 1)
Random House Corgi (UK & AU: 4th August 2011); HarperCollins Balzer + Bray (CA: 18th April 2011; US: 26th April 2011)
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Melody Mayflower is already contracted to bump for a couple, but they’ve yet to contract a partner. Uniqueness is one of her finest qualities…but she has an identical twin, separated at birth. Harmony Smith was brought up in the Church, but she’s run away from the settlement to save her sister from a life of sin (pregging for profit). But in a case of mistaken identity not corrected until too late, Harmony bumps with Melody’s newly contracted partner without her knowledge.

This is my favourite kind of futuristic: mostly with a contemporary feel except for a few stand-out elements. It makes the story much easier to believe. The slang aids this, and isn’t too jarring once accustomed to it.

And the plot is sensible. If older couples are infertile, but teens are fertilicious, it’s wise for one to pay the other. Agents are involved, and there are two ways to pregg for profit: Amateurs auction their biokids AFTER conception, and professionals are contracted to bump with another particular pro BEFORE conception.

We connect with Melody straight away, but it takes longer to warm to Harmony. And as we get to know them, Harmony seems better suited to Jondoe. As for Melody, I hope she hooks up with her best friend Zen, but we won’t find out until the sequel, Thumped, in late April 2012.

I usually pity the books I read during summer, when my patience is at a low and my bitchiness at a high. But Megan McCafferty’s Bumped was just what I needed, and I had a great time with it. I loved it! Never thought I’d be giving a book 5 stars during summer, but lo and behold…

9 New Covers (Barnes, Blaine, Clark, Hudson, McCafferty, Peterfreund, Richardson, Williams, Winnacker)

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October 2011 Releases

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May 2011 Releases

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April 2011 Releases

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6 New Covers (Cremer, Duncan, Lim, McCafferty & Rusch)

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