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7 New Covers (Held, Jay, Littlefield, Malley, Parker, Scott)

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[REVIEW] Room with a View – Kylie Scott

Kylie Scott
Room with a View
Pan Macmillan Momentum (AU: 1st November 2012)
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In a Futurama episode, Alcazar explained he was cleaning a pool, and emerged to find his planet destroyed. As I began reading Kylie Scott’s Room with a View, I remembered that scene. I giggled.

In every story, but in a short story especially, every scene should advance the plot. And if it doesn’t, delete it. And thus Room with a View is guilty of a gratuitous sex scene. Angus battles Infected to get to Natalie, they shag, then plan to escape together. Short on plot, indeed, and the shagging doesn’t further the plot.

When there are interesting things in a story, but the author decides to focus on the less interesting stuff instead…it bloody irks me. Cut out the sex scene, replace it with Angus and Natalie battling Infected to escape the hotel/apartment complex (what was it?), and you’d be on a dead-set winner.