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August 2011 Releases

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June 2011 Releases

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5 New Covers (Bertagna, Clark, Hall, Holmes & Mead)

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[REVIEW] Zenith – Julie Bertagna

Julie Bertagna
Zenith (Exodus, Book 2)
Pan Macmillan Young Picador (UK: 1st February 2008; AU: 1st April 2008)
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Mara Bell is leading a boat of Treenesters, urchins, and freed slaves in search of Greenland. But as they head toward what they think is land, their boat crashes into a floating city of barges and bridges.

Whilst definitely intriguing and with fascinating settings, Zenith is not quite as grabbing as its predecessor, Exodus. Maybe it’s due to the lack of technology, or that I just didn’t connect with the characters. Mara was awesome in Book 1, but here…she’s less fabulous. However, the imagery is simply splendid, making me wish I could see aurora borealis (I don’t think it’s visible here in the Southern Hemisphere). The writing is lush, almost poetic at times, and I can’t wait to read what’ll happen in Book 3, Aurora. However, its publication is at least a year away, I’m guessing, but it leaves newcomers with plenty of time to acquire and devour Books 1 and 2. Futuristic YA is all the richer with Julie Bertagna’s innovative contributions.

[REVIEW] Exodus – Julie Bertagna

Julie Bertagna
Exodus (Exodus, Book 1)
Pan Macmillan Picador (UK: 6th June 2003; AU: 1st November 2006); Bloomsbury Walker (US: 17th February 2009)
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Sea levels are rising, which panics the residents of Wing, a small island in the North Atlantic. Fifteen-year-old Mara Bell has explored the Weave, and learned of a New World: cities rising from the sea and into the sky. And so Wing’s residents leave en masse in boats…

In order to leave out spoilers, I’ll be vague. But within these pages are three extraordinary settings, and the novel is comprised of so many genres that there really is something for everyone: Young adult, futuristic, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, science, ecology, fantasy, history, refugees, prophecy, technology, cyberpunk, poetry, family secrets, humanity, social commentary, and probably others I’ve forgotten to mention.

The first part is the most emotional; the second part needs more explanation (likely found in subsequent novels); and the third part is technologically fascinating. First published in 2002, Exodus is still completely relevant. It’s unlike anything I’ve read before, and is simply amazing. The good news is that the sequel, Zenith, has already been released. The bad news is that we still have to wait for the final part of the trilogy, Aurora.