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[REVIEW] Ripper – Amy Carol Reeves

Amy Carol Reeves
Llewellyn Flux (US: 8th April 2012)
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The only other text I’ve read on Jack the Ripper is Patricia Cornwell’s book. This was back in my teenage years, and I can’t remember whom the author argued was the murderer. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t [Ripper‘s identity redacted].

Prostitutes, serial killings, surgery – these are hallmarks of a great historical, and Amy Carol Reeves’s Ripper has them. Yet, those aren’t enough to keep this novel exciting. The paranormal aspect just doesn’t work for me. Not Abbie’s visions, not the secret society, not even the dodo – I wanted more mad science and less chalice stuff.

I read this pretty fast, so it’s a page-turner, but it’s difficult to summon up enthusiasm.