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September 2022 Releases

(NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Goodreads links to my star-ratings and thoughts.)

Kelley Armstrong: A Twist of Fate: Kindle Edition & Paperback

Kelley Armstrong: Dreaming Darkness: Volume Three: Kindle Edition

Jennifer Lynn Barnes: The Inheritance Games Collection: Kindle Edition & Hardcover

Allie Brosh: Solutions and Other Problems: Kindle Edition & Hardcover & Paperback: Goodreads

Merrie Destefano: The 30-Day Novel: Kindle Edition

Diana Peterfreund: In the Ballroom with the Candlestick: Kindle Edition & Hardcover & Paperback: Goodreads

Paul Tremblay: A Head Full of Ghosts: Kindle Edition & Paperback & Mass Market Paperback: Goodreads

[REWIND] September 2020 Releases

If you stopped keeping updated on book stuff in 2020, this blog series is for you. A list, organised by month, of 2020 book releases. All are US publication dates, and all buy links are to Kindle Editions. (NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) Goodreads links lead to my star-ratings (out of five) and any thoughts.


Kelley Armstrong: Dreaming Darkness: Volume One: Buy
Jennifer Lynn Barnes: The Inheritance Games: Buy
Laura Bickle: Morrigan’s Blood: Buy
Allie Brosh: Solutions and Other Problems: Buy
Kylie Chan: Scales of Empire: Buy
Emma Cline: Daddy: Buy: Goodreads
Alyssa Cole: When No One is Watching: Buy
Megan Hart: The Mess You Choose (also published as Tempted): Buy
Karen Ann Hopkins: Bloody Ties: Buy
Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner: The Other Side of the Sky: Buy
Marie Lu: Skyhunter: Buy
Katharine McGee: Majesty: Buy: Goodreads
Jodi Picoult: The Book of Two Ways: Buy
Jordan Summers: Raphael and Kane: Buy
Wendy Walker: Don’t Look for Me: Buy: Goodreads

Now Available for US Pre-Order

V. C. Andrews: Whispering Hearts: 24th August 2021: Paperback
V. C. Andrews: Out of the Rain: 5th October 2021: Kindle Edition & Hardcover & Paperback
Kelley Armstrong: A Twist of Fate: 5th October 2021: Kindle Edition
Allie Brosh: Solutions and Other Problems: 28th September 2021: Paperback
Kylie Chan: Dawn of Empire: 1st March 2021: Kindle Edition
Cherie Priest: Grave Reservations: 26th October 2021: Kindle Edition & Hardcover

Book Releases: 1st June 2020 – Onward

Think I stopped sharing pre-order links at some stage, but don’t know when. So I’ll just go through the alphabet, and post books released on or after 1st June 2020.

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Now Available for US Pre-Order

Allie Brosh: SOLUTIONS AND OTHER PROBLEMS: 25th October 2016: Buy (US)
Meg Cabot: PROPOSAL (paperback): 1st March 2016: Buy (US)
Kylie Chan: BLACK JADE: 27th September 2016: Buy (US)
Cat Clarke: THE LOST AND THE FOUND: 6th September 2016: Buy (US)
Katelyn Detweiler: TRANSCENDENT: 4th October 2016: Buy (US)
Alexandra Duncan: SOUND (paperback): 27th September 2016: Buy (US)
Mira Grant: FEEDBACK: 27th September 2016: Buy (US)
Emiko Jean: WE’LL NEVER BE APART (paperback): 25th October 2016: Buy (US)
Kate Kessler: IT TAKES ONE: 26th April 2016: Buy (US)
Lauren Oliver: REPLICA: 27th September 2016: Buy (US)

4 New Covers (Arthur, Black, Brosh, Verday)

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Now Available for US Pre-Order

Mario Acevedo: RESCUE FROM PLANET PLEASURE: 3rd May 2015: Buy (US)
Cassie Alexander: BOXSET: THE HAUNTED, THE HUNTED, THE HATED: 28th April 2015: Buy (US)
Madeline Ashby: COMPANY TOWN: 16th February 2016: Buy (US)
Laura Bickle: MERCURY RETROGRADE: 27th October 2015: Buy (US)
Jessica Brody: UNCHANGED (paperback): 23rd February 2016: Buy (US)
Allie Brosh: SOLUTIONS AND OTHER PROBLEMS: 27th October 2015: Buy (US)
Megan Crewe: A SKY UNBROKEN: 13th October 2015: Buy (US)
Debra Driza: REDEMPTION: 23rd February 2016: Buy (US)
Jordana Frankel: THE WARD (paperback): 19th January 2016: Buy (US)
Jordana Frankel: THE ISLE: 19th January 2016: Buy (US)
Colleen Hoover: MAYBE NOT (paperback): 22nd December 2015: Buy (US)
Krissy Kneen: EATING MY GRANDMOTHER: 1st July 2015: Buy (US)
Caragh M. O’Brien: THE VAULT OF DREAMERS (paperback): 16th February 2016: Buy (US)
Caragh M. O’Brien: THE RULE OF MIRRORS: 16th February 2016: Buy (US)
Jennifer Rush: REBORN (paperback): 12th January 2016: Buy (US)
Kim Savage: AFTER THE WOODS: 23rd February 2016: Buy (US)
Megan Shepherd: A COLD LEGACY (paperback): 26th January 2016: Buy (US)
Maggie Stiefvater: THE RAVEN KING: 1st March 2016: Buy (US)

5-Star Books I Read in 2014 (So Far!)

Sometime during the next month, you may have to shop – for yourself or someone else. I have some suggestions, so here are the books I rated 5 stars in 2014 (so far!). Of course, this by no means guarantees you or your people will find them worthy of 5 stars 😉 Listed in order from most recently read and working backward through time. The title links should take you to my reviews of the books:

Jodi Picoult, Leaving Time: A Bookworld Top Pick for Christmas. General/mainstream fiction.

Laura Wiess, Leftovers: YA suspense.

Laura Wiess, Such a Pretty Girl: YA suspense.

Maggie Stiefvater, The Dream Thieves: YA urban fantasy. (Book 2 in a series.)

Tiffany Reisz, The Mistress: Erotic fiction. (Book 4 in a series.)

M. D. Waters, Archetype: Futuristic.

Laura Wiess, Me Since You: YA general/mainstream fiction.

Allie Brosh, Hyperbole and a Half: Illustrated memoirs.

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Notes on Not-Reviewed Books: March 2014

I never read a book twice. It has only one chance. And my brain’s not good at retaining information – even with my favourite books I struggle to remember the characters’ names.

These are the books I read in March that I didn’t review because I couldn’t be stuffed. Let’s see if they’re memorable.

Diane Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale: Creepy kids doing creepy things, and begetting creepy children. Family secrets. All the elements of the stuff I usually like reading are here, but presented in a way (oral history) that just doesn’t appeal. This is probably one of those books that everyone else loves, but I think it’s…middling. 3 stars

Nic Pizzolatto’s Galveston: The hero refers to specific women (his ex, and his new acquaintance) as “sluts”, so he’s more of an anti-hero – not as bad as “the bad guys”. But he is violent to people, and kills them if it suits his purpose. Eighteen-year-old Rocky may legally be an adult, but she is still a teenager, and older guys perving on teenagers are creepy. Even though Roy rejects her advances. 3 stars

Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half: I knew I would love this book, and good news – I did! My first 5-star read of the year, and it was just what I needed. Starts off with a cracker of a tale about an old letter young Allie wrote to her future self. If this book teaches us anything, it’s that kid-logic and dog-logic are both terribly flawed. Unfortunately, the collection doesn’t include one of my favourite stories – about how little girls playing “wolf” are mean to a teenage boy. Kids are scary, y’all! That poor lad 😦 5 stars

Madeline Ashby’s vN: I said it at the time, and I stand by it: BEST PROLOGUE EVER! The author’s experience with strategic foresight shines through in the richly detailed world-building, and the carefully constructed characters – both synthetic and organic, and their interactions. It’s fascinating, heartbreaking, and all-out entertaining…until the epilogue, which is bonkers, but not in a way that works for me. Nevertheless, vN is a must-read! 4 stars

When Did My Cat Become Me?

Image: Watching and silently judging everything and everyone in the front yard and street. Sometime in 2008.

I’d just finished reading Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half, and was in the lounge. I was on my couch, waiting for my laptop to load, and the cat was on the opposite couch. Lying on his tummy, paws tucked in, head up and alert just in case anything of note should happen. Ears pricked at the slightest sound, eyes looking in the direction of things beyond the lounge wall. Trying to keep focused, but his eyelids (do cats have eyelids?) drooping closed. Then came the epiphany:

My cat is me.

No, Manny is not a figment of my imagination, conjured up for the Internet to prove that I’m not utterly alone in my weirdness. But I adopted him when he was three years old, and he’s about ten or eleven now. You know how there’s a supposed theory that women who live in close proximity, somehow their mentrual cycles tune in to each other by osmosis or something, and they occur around the same time? Yeah, I have no idea if that’s true or just an urban myth, but I wonder if by living in close proximity to me for most of his life that somehow mine and Manny’s personalities have somewhat merged.

Example: Manny trying to keep alert, whilst actually being rather sleepy = Fear Of Missing Out. I totally have that. You may have noticed that.

Example: Manny’s line of vision follows people around the room, turning his head. Because he’s watching and silently judging. I don’t act upon my judgments, but I have them nonetheless. As in, “I know what you’re doing, but for the time being I’ve decided not to call you out on it.”

There are probably more examples (binge-eating, only his portions are controlled, and he purges but I don’t), but it makes me wonder when my cat stopped being himself and started being me. I chose to adopt him from the shelter, because he was the only cat who could be bothered getting off their arse to greet me, so I figured that initiative should be rewarded, because maybe he actually wanted me to adopt him. Who knows?

P.S. I think maybe this entire blog post is just post-book weirdness. I’m not usually like this, I swear! (Except for the Fear Of Missing Out, watching and silently judging, and the binge-eating, of course.)

P.P.S. I think I might be a gobshite.

Image: Because being outside shouldn’t mean you have to do stuff. Sometimes in 2012.