[REVIEW] Girl, 11 – Amy Suiter Clarke

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Amy Suiter Clarke
Girl, 11
Mariner Books (US & CA: 20th April 2021/31st May 2022); Pushkin Vertigo (UK: 26th April 2021); Text Publishing (AU: 4th May 2021)
US Kindle Edition US Hardcover US Paperback UK Kindle Edition CA Kindle Edition CA Hardcover CA Paperback Worldwide Hardcover Worldwide Paperback

So great to start a new year with a 5-star read straight away!

Sometimes certain things trend in crime fiction - e.g. social media influencers. In this case, there came a trend of thrillers about true-crime podcasts. The immediate comparison title for me is Eliza Jane Brazier's If I Disappear. While I recommend both, they are different beasts. If I Disappear has a better voice, but for sheer attention to detail Girl, 11 wins. It also contains a crucial element that the other book lacks - a stronger back story for the protagonist.

Twists revealed in Girl, 11 won't shock readers who pay attention, but they nonetheless pack a punch. This novel is an absolute standout amongst serial killer stories, and will leave readers eager for whatever the author has next in store. (Noble Wife, due out in 2023 - mark your calendar.)

One response to “[REVIEW] Girl, 11 – Amy Suiter Clarke

  1. I remember noticing a true-crime podcast trend, but since most of them were in thrillers (and I rarely read that genre) I don’t think I’ve actually read any of them at this point.

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