[REWIND] June 2020 Releases

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If you stopped keeping updated on book stuff in 2020, this blog series is for you. A list, organised by month, of 2020 book releases. All are US publication dates, and all buy links are to Kindle Editions. (NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) Goodreads links lead to my star-ratings (out of five) and any thoughts.


Tara Altebrando: Take Me with You: Buy
V. C. Andrews: Shadows of Foxworth: Buy: Goodreads
Kelley Armstrong: Every Step She Takes: Buy
Keri Arthur: Deadly Vows: Buy
Alyssa Cole: The A.I. Who Loved Me: Buy
Kim Harrison: American Demon: Buy
R. Z. Held: Fair Exchange: Buy
Karen Ann Hopkins: Sweet Regrets: Buy
Kate McLaughlin: What Unbreakable Looks Like: Buy: Goodreads
Veronica Rossi: Rebel Spy: Buy

5 responses to “[REWIND] June 2020 Releases

  1. I picked up The A.I. Who Loved Me back when it was released, but I haven’t read it yet. Thanks for the reminder!

    • In the same boat – I also own it but haven’t read it yet. My eBook reading strategy is to start with books that have the lowest number of pages, and work my way through to longer books. So the A.I. is a novella, but I’ll be reading shorter stories first 😉

      • That’s a really good strategy! It’s probably a faster way to clear out the e-reader backlog than starting with the oldest books (which is what I was thinking of doing).

        • Just now trying out the Kindle Paperwhite I bought a month ago… No option to organise my Library from the least amount of pages to most. *headdesk* I can do it on my laptop with Adobe Digital Editions, or use Windows Explorer to order by file size. (PDFs tend to be larger than ePubs, though, so even that method isn’t accurate.)

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