[REVIEW] Dead Ringer – Kate Kessler

Kate Kessler
Dead Ringer
Hachette Orbit Redhook (US: 23rd October 2018; UK: 6th December 2018; AU: 27th December 2018)
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During the past few months, book communities have discussed “age-gap” romances. Well, that’s what some people claim. Others have pointed out that teen girls with adult men is statutory – and therefore not merely an “age gap”, and not a romance. After all, with a romance the reader should want the characters to be together HEA or HFN – NOT wishing that the adult man would be in prison.

Dead Ringer is a welcome relief. This is a CRIME novel, which puts the adult male/teen girl relationship where it belongs…as a CRIME.

But the central relationship in the novel is not romantic or sexual. It’s the sister relationship between an FBI agent and her twin who went missing as a teen. It’s a powerful novel that cements Kate Kessler as one of my favourite authors.

One response to “[REVIEW] Dead Ringer – Kate Kessler

  1. So glad to hear that this book puts the crime back into this statutory relationship. I get so sick of people romanticizing that kind of thing.

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