[REVIEW] The Body Shop: Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

First-time skincare reviewer here. I’d bought a hand-cream-and-nail-file set from The Body Shop (Australia), and it arrived in the mail with some free sample packets. So I tried the 5ml sample of Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask.

Tester: 31-year-old Australian female who lacks air-conditioning, hates the outdoors, and does not have a skincare “routine” (except for the daily bath/shower wash). Sometimes use an oil-free acne face wash when I remember. Never wear make-up.

Skin condition: Sometimes oily, sometimes dry. Due to sweat, it’s at its oiliest in warm weather – which is when I tested the Himalayan Charcoal, after my nightly shower in November (spring).

Ease of use: Instructions are simple enough for me. Apply to face, avoiding eyes and lips. Rinse off in circular motions after 5-10 minutes. I used my analogue watch to time, and stopped after about 6 or 8 minutes. It’s good the instructions have leeway, so it’s OK to be “late” scrubbing it off.

Applying it to my face (I used my fingers) was easy. I worried beforehand, wondering if the Charcoal would result in blackface while it was on. But the Charcoal turned out like a light texture of mud in a grey colour, with a slight greenish tinge. After I applied it all, my face tingled, which let me know the product was actually doing something. (Either that or an allergic reaction, but I think it’s the former.)

Ease of removal: I filled a basin with warmish water about thrice. Dipped my fingers in, then wiped my face in a circular motion. Repeat to infinity. This seemed to take quite a while, but as a first-time mask user I’m not sure if that’s common. To get off the stubborn odd bits that remained, I quit the circular motion stuff and just wiped. Did not check my watch, so don’t know the timeframe for removal.

After: Face rinsed and dried, I looked in the mirror (which I don’t like doing). Noticed a few blemishes on my nose and hairline. So the Charcoal did not remove them, which is disappointing. The packet said something about “glowing skin”, but I doubt there was radium 😉

Would I buy?: The tubs are like $35 (Australian, for 75 ml), which is out of my budget, so I wouldn’t. Would I happily accept as a gift or as samples? Yes, please.

Thanks for the unexpected samples, The Body Shop.

Buy: US; UK; CA


3 responses to “[REVIEW] The Body Shop: Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

  1. Neat! I love free samples of good products. 🙂

    And yes, some masks can take ages to remove. I almost never bother with the suggested removal technique. My favorite is to apply the mask before my shower, because it’s easiest to remove while in the shower.

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