4th November 2017 Releases

Happy Release Day to:

Heather Davis
A Forest So Deadly (Pioneer Falls, Book 2)
Heather Davis (US: 4th November 2017)
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When a brutal death in Pioneer Falls is blamed on local wolves, newbie shifter Lily Turner can’t believe it – even her family’s rivals couldn’t be that cruel. That pack might be uncouth and aggressive, but they’re not murderers. But the residents of the tiny logging town fear another wolf attack, and even the Turners’ sworn Protector turns against them. Lily’s convinced if she could just expose the real killer, she might be able to prevent more bloodshed. That is, if her deputy sheriff father, himself a shifter, doesn’t shut down her unofficial investigation. Handsome wolf Morgan McAllister is there to support Lily, but his pack is clamouring for his return to London. Lily would give anything to keep him in town. She’s falling for him hard, even though she knows his stay in Pioneer Falls can’t last forever. As hunters prepare for an ambush during the annual Harvest Festival, Lily’s quest becomes a matter of life and death. The full moon is rising and without her most loyal allies, Lily must bring the killer to light or innocent wolves will die.

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