Heartless – Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer
Macmillan (US & AU: 8th November 2016; UK: 9th February 2017)
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It’s Thursday 8th December, the day I’m due to post a review for Marissa Meyer’s Heartless. I was unsure I could review in time, but the Australian publisher mailed the copy ASAP, and I started reading it on November 5th.

Even with an entire month to read it, at the time of writing I have not progressed past page 15 (of the 453-page ARC). The Internet isn’t entirely to blame for my distraction. And there’s nothing terrible about the book, though I’m not really interested in the source material and I find talking animals weird in fiction. The novel begins with the makings of delicious-sounding lemon tarts, and there’s likely more wonderful food to follow.

It’s not a bad book. I just find it far too easy to put down. We’re probably not well suited, but perhaps you’ll fare better with Heartless than I have thus far.


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