Update on Author-Instigated Upvoting/Downvoting of Customer Reviews on Amazon

So since I last blogged about this [see Manipulation of Review Rankings at Amazon (Or, How I Lost Respect for an Author Today)], there’ve been some happenings.

I reported the incident to Amazon with the relevant links. The Amazon Community team is sending my report to the appropriate team:

Today, word on the street says that the author’s post has been removed. But is anything on the Internet really gone? Here’s a screenshot saved on August 2nd. And a reply to my comment when I shared a capture of Amazon’s Anti-Manipulation Policy for Customer Reviews:

Didn’t try to get the 1-star review removed? But did try to get the review “off the spotlight”, so that still counts as manipulation.

Nothing makes you look guiltier than deleting stuff without an announcement. Of course there’s no apology, or retraction of the voting request, because the author doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Fair enough. And this incident may not affect the author’s book sales. We’ll find out in November when her next novel is released.

I do wish the author all the best with her career. Just wished she’d have gone about it without resorting to manipulative tactics – I thought she was better than that.


2 responses to “Update on Author-Instigated Upvoting/Downvoting of Customer Reviews on Amazon

  1. I’m not ruling out that once she buried the unwanted (perfectly acceptable by the way) review, she then went and deleted the evidence of review manipulation.

  2. What the hell is a “very casual reviewer”? Someone who bought, read, and didn’t like her book? Speshul author snowflake needs a reality adjustment.

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