Discoverability: 2nd March 2016: 3 YA Deals

I had plans for many things for this blog. One of them to keep track of where I discover books to add to my wishlist. I usually share them on Twitter and Facebook, but forget to include them here.

Discoverability source for today is Publishers Weekly’s Children’s Book News Rights Report: Week of February 29, 2016. (PW has a free newsletter for children’s book news, which may contribute to why I add more YA books to my wishlist than adult ones.)

Found THREE deals I’m interested in today. All descriptions and book information from the aforementioned link. (Authors’ links provided by me.)

CAROLYN LEE ADAMS – The Book of Ezra – Simon Pulse (World) – 2017. A teen boy sent to a poor farm by his affluent parents – who are embarrassed by his gigantism – and soon realises his charming, enigmatic new roommate may actually be possessed by the devil.

MARIE LU – Warcross duology – Putnam (NA) – 2017. Two teen bounty hunters hired by a young billionaire to catch a hacker in the world’s most popular virtual reality video game.

CINDY PON – Want – Simon Pulse (World) – 2017. A group of teens living on the fringes of a highly divided society that only works for the elite. They risk everything when they decide to take matters into their own hands and save a pollution-choked Taiwan.

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