Latest Interesting Quotes from SK/CC Articles: “Wankiest Wanks” Edition

Comment at BookThingo: “That scene in question where Nick is saved by a tattooed ‘goth’ stranger dressed in leather is from Kenyon’s book Night Pleasures which was published back in the 90s.”

Slate has written on the case, in a two-page piece:

“In an email, Holly Black, a novelist and longtime writing partner and friend of Clare’s, told me that early drafts of and a proposal for City of Bones did use the name Darkhunters.” Tez Says: This confirms what we already knew, but it’s good to hear it from someone in Clare’s inner circle. So Clare can’t deny Darkhunters were included.

“However, while attending a publishing trade show in May 2006, Black was given a copy of one of Kenyon’s books and noticed that the term ‘Dark-Hunter appeared on its cover, trademarked. ‘This was before any book of [Clare’s] was in print,’ Black added.” Tez Says: Even back then, the term was trademarked.

“If Harry Potter fans generated the most epic wanks in the fan world, then Cassandra Clare was ground zero for some of the wankiest wanks in all of fandom.” Tez Says: OK, I just included this quote from the article’s author, Laura Miller (no relation), because I liked it šŸ˜‰

“‘Back in the day,’ Cleolinda Jones, a onetime regular at Fandom Wank, wrote to me, ‘we used to say, “The first rule of fanfic is, do not take money for your fanfic.” Because the overriding fear was intellectual property holders would sue everybody and shut fandom down.'” Tez Says: This is why many people do not approve of P2P (pulled-to-publish fan fiction).

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