January 2016 Reads

This new monthly feature has come about because January sucked, and I couldn’t get my brain together to review much. So what did I read, and what did I think of them? In case you haven’t been following my Goodreads, read on:

Tracey Garvis Graves: Covet: 3 stars: Review
Kelley Armstrong: The Masked Truth: 3 stars: Review
Amanda Panitch: Damage Done: 5 stars: Review
Alex Sanchez: Bait: 4 stars
Anna Sheehan: No Life But This: 3 stars: Review
Shirley Jackson: The Bird’s Nest: 3 stars

Wait, I only missed reviewing two books? Actually, I reviewed DAMAGE DONE and NO LIFE BUT THIS in a quick hurry overnight. I was only going to write a paragraph for each (like the two books below), but I went past a paragraph and gave them their own review posts.

It’s obvious early on what’s happened to Diego, though he doesn’t say the words until much later. It’s a heart-wrencher of a story, but goes to show how much kids – everyone, really – need someone to be there for them, and help them through the hurt on the way to recovery. And it includes a romance I actually cheered for (and you know how rare that is for me). Highly recommended, though TRIGGER WARNING.

I think the correct term nowadays is Dissociative Identity Disorder, but this book is from the ’50s (I think) so Elizabeth’s condition is called something else. I can’t vouch for how accurate a portrayal it is. It kept me turning the pages, and I was expecting Morgen…I don’t know if she was a jealous sister, a fed-up guardian, or something else entirely, but she got rather verbose with long rants in the latter half of the book.

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