2015: Year of the Problematic Author

CONTENT WARNING FOR THE LINKS: Ableism, rape jokes, racism, bigotry, trans jokes, and possibly other stuff I can’t remember.

By now, most authors have figured out how the Internet works, but in 2015 mistakes were made, as was some maliciousness. These links aren’t comprehensive, so if I missed stuff, please share links in the comments.

This post isn’t to “attack” authors. It’s to share information, so that readers can make INFORMED DECISIONS. Do they still want to read these authors, knowing what’s happened? If yes, that’s your business. If no, that’s also your business.

Special thanks to Bibliodaze and Trout Nation for their consistency of quality reporting and opinion. (DISCLAIMER: I used to share book news for Bibliodaze, but not recently. I currently clear out the spam on Trout Nation.)

Crowdfunding defenders
“Gangster Bullies”
“Interrogating from the Wrong Perspective”
Stalker Continues to be Published

Ill treatment of rape survivors
Romanticising & eroticising real-life slavery & rape
Jokes about slave rape
“Cock Juggling Thunder Cunts”

Goodreads Young Adult Novel BINGO (While the bingo card rightfully called out homophobia and bigotry, the creator’s point was lost when they gave equal footing to “review in all-gifs” and “half-stars”)
3-Star “Embarrassment”

Linked to “anti-bullying” site with a history of doxxing
Response to women calling out sexism & Laughs at rape joke
Shares & Likes rape joke & Makes trans joke
“Legitimately offended”
Defends ableist slurs
Defends ableist slur
Defends ableist slur
Defends ableist stories
Congratulates male co-author; adds female co-author as an afterthought
“What happened this time?” & SubTweets and tone-polices women
Doesn’t tolerate people who don’t tolerate Islamophobia

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