How Tez Does Social Media: Twitter

This may be a blog series; I haven’t decided yet. Have no idea if what works for me will help anyone. If you have a different way of doing things, please share – I need improvement! 🙂

Have you organised every Twitter account you Follow onto a List? This way, if you only feel like catching up on what authors have to say, or people in Australia, you can go to that specific List and read that feed. (I don’t read Twitter this way often, but I should definitely do it more!)

My #1 Twitter tip is to turn off RTs. It’s a painstaking process to go through every account, but if you do it as soon as you Follow someone new, it’s easy to maintain:

1. Go to a Twitter account.
2. Next to Following, there’s a Settings gear – click on it.
3. Scroll down the menu, and click on Turn off Retweets.
4. A note should appear at the top of your screen to alert you of its success.

This way, people’s Retweets won’t turn up when you go to the Twitter homepage and read your feed. RTs will still be visible on the person’s account, if you want to see them.

I RT a lot, some days more than others, so if you Follow me on Twitter ( I recommend turning off my RTs. Unless you like seeing my RTs in your feed 🙂

SCENARIO: You follow over 1000 accounts on Twitter, but since you don’t check in every 12 hours or so, you often miss a lot. How to stay up to date?

SOLUTION: Have a small, select number accounts you check every day.

I go to their accounts so I can see their RTs, and between them there’s pretty much everything I need to calm my Fear Of Missing Out. These people are all involved with books – readers, bloggers, authors, etc – and read YA and adult, romance and speculative fiction, so my bases are covered. These are my VIPs, but feel free to curate your own list:

How do you read Twitter efficiently? Got any tips for making the most with a short period of time?


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