[REVIEW] Our Lady of the Ice – Cassandra Rose Clarke

Cassandra Rose Clarke
Our Lady of the Ice
Simon & Schuster Saga Press (US, UK, CA, & AU: 27th October 2015)
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I can sell Our Lady of the Ice with just two words: Antarctic noir.

Alas, it’s not an Antarctica that’s instantly familiar. The story takes place in Hope City, a domed colony in Argentine Antarctica, reliant on electricity and maintenance drones to keep from freezing to death. And recent power outages signal that the worst has a very real chance of occurring.

Private investigator Eliana Gomez is hired to retrieve important documents for wealthy Marianella Luna, but the city’s gang boss will contract the murders of anyone who stands in his way to retrieve them. So Eliana’s gangster boyfriend Diego may have to kill her.

Marianella is the most complex character, though, with a fascinating back-story – and present. I totally ship her with Sofia, whose ambitions could change Hope City forever.

Cassandra Rose Clarke’s previous adult novel (The Mad Scientist’s Daughter, which I adore and highly recommend to fans of science fiction and romance alike) explores human-android relations, and that theme continues in Our Lady of the Ice. With a private investigator, gangsters, city politics, and a wealthy woman with a major secret, the noir vibe is constant. Music is depicted as both a mind-control device and a symbol of freedom, and the Theremin is an instrument that hopefully readers will consider learning to play.

With an irresistible concept, Our Lady of the Ice captivates with secrets and betrayals, intriguing characters, and a deadly location. Cassandra Rose Clarke writes some of the best sci-fi currently on the market, and this latest addition is sure to gain new fans.

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