Unfiltered & Pseudonymous: Authors of Other Fiction Writing New Adult Romance

Remember how I was talking about RT Book Reviews magazine, and that one article I wanted to read? Silly me forgot that a month later, they stick the articles on their website for free.

Anyway, the article seems more of an advertorial for this one series, but there are brief interviews. In short: a group of authors created “Payge Galvin” and a series concept, and they each took it from there. (And some of them will be writing more New Adult romance unrelated to Payge Galvin and the Unfiltered series: Ronnie Douglas has signed a two-book deal with HarperCollins, and Abby Lombard has a self-published novel out.)

Melissa Marr = Ronnie Douglas
Cynthia Omololu = Lynne Jaymes
Jeanette Battista = Jane Lukas
Rachel Vincent = Katy West
Jenna Black = Abby Lombard

The only ones I’m interested in reading are the Katy West one (because Rachel Vincent! Though I hope the addiction isn’t treated flippantly, since the author didn’t want to make it a “heavy” book), and maybe the Abby Lombard (interested to see how she writes bisexual and ménage).

There are other writers in the series whose alter-authors haven’t been revealed (that I know of):

Bridgette Luna
Kasey Wolfe
Danni Pleasance
Meg Chance
Lucy Byrd
Raychel Price
Gabby Marsh

If you’re going to the RT Convention, check out this panel, and let me know any extra identities:

Twelve Authors, Twelve Books, One NA Project: Writing the Unfiltered Series

Hear from twelve authors who wrote in a single shared world, releasing a new New Adult book per month without sacrificing their friendship to do it. Join us as we talk about the legal and social intricacies of sharing a 100-percent jointly owned series, including all returns, equally among a group of professional, NYT and award-winning authors.

Event Date: Friday, May 15, 2015 – 10:00am to 11:00am

Panelist(s): Jeanette Battista (aka Jane Lukas)
Jenna Black (aka Abby Lombard)
Melissa Marr (aka Ronnie Douglas)
Rachel Vincent (aka Katy West)

Location: Atrium Level (2nd Floor)
Room: McMillan


1. Ronnie Douglas: Unlawful
2. Lynne Jaymes: Unknown
3. Bridgette Luna: Unsaved
4. Jane Lukas: Unhinged
5. Kasey Wolfe: Undone
6. Danni Pleasance: Unraveled
7. Meg Chance: Undressed
8. Katy West: Untouched
9. Abby Lombard: Unveiled
10. Lucy Byrd: Undecided
11. Raychel Price: Unloved
12. Gabby Marsh: Uncensored
Ronnie Douglas, Kasey Wolfe, Gabby Marsh: The Unfiltered Trilogy: Unlawful, Undone, Uncensored


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