Dear RT Book Reviews Magazine: I Just Want to Buy THIS Issue; NOT a Subscription

I’m not really a magazine reader. But when I want to read an issue, I want to purchase it by itself – I do NOT want to subscribe. This shouldn’t be such a difficult thing to manage.

Enough of the vagueness: I specifically want to read June 2015, Issue 376 of RT Book Reviews. (Also known as Romantic Times.) Actually, I only want to read one article: “What’s in a Name?” Apparently, there are authors of other fiction who use pen names to write New Adult. So of course I want to know who is writing as whom. Why? Because I’m more likely to pay attention to a book if I better know the author under another name.

Now, of course authors shouldn’t “out” themselves if they don’t want to, but obviously they have – exclusively to RT. (I have thoughts about exclusivity…)

So, if you happen to run/own a magazine, here’s a list of reasonable demands:

The option for readers to purchase individual issues (rather than only subscription)
Digital editions, without geo-blocking
Readers able to pay via PayPal

Since I’m not in the magazine biz, I don’t know if my demands are ridiculous or not. I wish to spend money on your product. I just want this issue. Is that so extraordinary?

Meanwhile, I’ll try collecting names from the “What’s in a Name?” article. Thankfully, one author has already “outed” herself:

Jenna Black: “My Secret Life as Abby Lombard”

NOTE: I first became aware of this article due to Melissa Marr’s Tweet. I don’t think she’s shared her alter ego outside of the behind-a-subscription-paywall article.


2 responses to “Dear RT Book Reviews Magazine: I Just Want to Buy THIS Issue; NOT a Subscription

  1. One other option should be to just purchase a reprint of that article, that way you wouldn’t have to have the whole magazine if you didn’t want/need it. It’s possible for newspaper articles, so I don’t see it being too much of a stretch for magazine articles too.

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