In Support of EgmontUSA Authors #BuyAnEgmontBook

Have just heard that EgmontUSA will shut down at the end of January. I wasn’t sure how to show my support for those displaced, so I figured a blog post highlighting the works (both Egmont- and otherwise-published) of affected authors would have to suffice. I’ve included the authors’ websites, so you can keep up with their future publishing endeavours. This is by no means a comprehensive list – instead, it just features authors I’ve read or whose books are on my wishlist.

NOTE: The books already published will still be available for purchase. The 2015 books (at least, up to and including those in the spring catalogue) will still be published, too, so please pre-order.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes: Tumblr Twitter
EGMONTUSA BOOKS: Raised by Wolves; Trial by Fire; Taken by Storm; Every Other Day; Nobody (also published as At First Sight)
NON-EGMONTUSA BOOKS: Tattoo; Fate; Perfect Cover; Killer Spirit; The Naturals; Killer Instinct; The Fixer

Ilsa J. Bick: Twitter
EGMONTUSA BOOKS: Ashes; Shadows; Monsters; White Space; The Dickens Mirror
NON-EGMONTUSA BOOKS: Draw the Dark; Drowning Instinct; The Sin-Eater’s Confession

Bree Despain: Blogspot Tumblr Facebook Twitter Pinterest
EGMONTUSA BOOKS: The Dark Divine; The Lost Saint; The Savage Grace; The Shadow Prince; The Eternity Key

Kate Ellison: WordPress Facebook Etsy
EGMONTUSA BOOKS: The Butterfly Clues; Notes from Ghost Town

Em Garner: Tumblr Facebook Twitter
EGMONTUSA BOOKS: Contaminated; Mercy Mode

Kristi Helvig: Blog Facebook Twitter Goodreads
EGMONTUSA BOOKS: Burn Out; Strange Skies

Kristen Lippert-Martin: Blog Facebook Twitter Goodreads YouTube Pinterest

Jessica Verday
EGMONTUSA BOOKS: Of Monsters and Madness; Of Phantoms and Fury
NON-EGMONTUSA BOOKS: The Hollow; The Haunted; The Hidden; The Beautiful and the Damned; The First Time; Flesh Which Is Not Flesh

2 responses to “In Support of EgmontUSA Authors #BuyAnEgmontBook

  1. I was so sad to hear this news. I’ve always loved the quality and voice of Egmont’s books, more than any other publisher. Will definitely be buying more Egmont books in the weeks to come.

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