The Reaction on Facebook to the Reaction to the Kickstarter

Storify is a great tool for compiling things said on the Internet. When you use the function to embed a link, Storify freezes the statuses, so even if the individual posts are deleted, the evidence is still in Storify form.

Turns out that while Storify will embed Facebook POSTS, it won’t embed Facebook COMMENTS. And since I’m so shite at screencapping, I’ve had to copy-and-paste. I’ve provided links and text, but the commenters may edit/delete their posts after I compile this post.

There’s been a lot of inferences, misconceptions, and assumptions of what people CLAIM have been said. I created these Storifys to provide evidence of what has ACTUALLY been said. It’s dangerous to just go by hearsay, so I strongly suggest researching.

And now for the reaction on Facebook to the reaction to the Kickstarter. There’s inflammatory language (“bullies“, “just plain evil“, “attacking“, “haters“). And claims that people have said stuff (though I haven’t found links to support their claims – but if you have, please share!). Also, since some people know the Kickstarting author personally, they seem to assume/presume the worst of anyone questioning this particular Kickstarter (unless they’ve seen something I haven’t).

Since Facebook allows for more characters, I’ve kept the full text of the comments, but have bolded some parts.

The first comment is from an agent:

Pamela Van Hylckama Vlieg She’s taken all of her profiles offline. It’s a fucking shame that bullies caused her to feel the need to apologize for trying to make money from her art.
(This link sometimes won’t show up right. May have to click on “View previous comments”, or scroll.)

An author, regarding the particular Kickstarter:

Lisa Mantchev … Digging in, it looks like the Kickstarter didn’t just cover the cost of the publishing project, but was essentially an advance she could use to cover living expenses while writing and editing the piece. This is technically a no-no for a Kickstarter, as far as I can tell, and would have been more suited to a site like Patreon.

All in all, the publishing waters are just as murky on the self-published end as they are out of traditional houses.

An agent, on wording:

Jennifer Laughran It’s sad. I participated in one of the convos on twitter (my perspective: WRITERS DESERVE TO GET PAID FOR THEIR TIME. Obvs) — but I did understand where the other perspectives were coming from. Had she said “if I don’t get the project funded, there isn’t an audience yet and there will be no sequel at this time — I’ll focus on other projects I can sell to publishers” — no prob. Supply and demand. Fair enough. BUT she instead said “if I don’t get this funded, I will stop writing new books.” Err… That’s a lot of pressure, no? I just think this was possibly poor wording on her part on the original ks — And unusual timing. Given the fact that the first book only came out three weeks ago.

An author:

Janni Lee Simner Okay, I’m trying to find the links to all the awful discussion about this, and all I’m finding are a handful of tweets skeptical about the 70% as salary, the bibliodaze page which won’t load, and lots of people reacting to the post explaining canceling the Kickstarter after that post went live. Am I missing something?

A blogger:

Laura McCarthy Benson Stacey is awesome and those bloggers and authors who criticized her and technically bullied her should be ashamed of themselves.

An author:

Cyn Balog I join you in this cause! The girl doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and the second I heard about it, I knew whoever was talking smack about her was just plain evil.

An agent (with a comment that seems straight out of the “Be Nice”/”YA Mafia” time):

Jill Corcoran I have only heard wonderful things about her. Why can’t people just live their own lives? AND…I’d love a list of the authors who are attacking to share on my 100+ agent list so that we all know to stay away from these fools.
(This link sometimes won’t show up right. May have to click on “View previous comments”, or scroll.)

An author:

Jennifer Brown Makes me very sad. They don’t come any sweeter than Stacey Jay, and she didn’t deserve this. Haters!! UGH!
(This link sometimes won’t show up right. May have to click on “View previous comments”, or scroll.)


3 responses to “The Reaction on Facebook to the Reaction to the Kickstarter

  1. Ugh. I have no issue with authors/artists being paid for their work (I loathe the Starving Artist Myth with a passion), but I don’t think it’s the readers’ responsibility to cover her living expenses. I’m sure she was well-intentioned, but the more I read, the more I think she had a fundamental misunderstanding of how to use the Kickstarter platform, and that’s what’s caused the backlash. Not bullying or entitled readers.

  2. Apparently if you’re not supportive, you’re bullying. Jesus christ, what has the world come to.

    At least I know some more authors i can strike off my list, and new ones to add.

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