Tez’s Publishing Hopes for 2015

Instead of making a list of predictions, I have a list of hopes:

More upfront transparency. This is something relatively simple that anyone can do. Are you reviewing/recommending a book, and the author is your friend/co-worker/client? State so at the START of the review/recommendation. Running a contest, but it’s only open to entrants with a US address? Say so during the Tweet/Facebook status. Many times I’ve seen a contest link, looked forward to entering, but clicked the link to find I’m not eligible. Yes, click-through statistics are important to some, but please don’t waste people’s time.

No geo-blocking for eBooks. One thing print books have in their favour is no geo-blocking. Book not published in your country? There are booksellers who ship internationally, so you can order from them. That’s not the case with geo-blocking, and it doesn’t only affect readers. There’s money to be made for authors and publishers, but because they (or their foreign rights agent/etc) haven’t sold rights for a certain region yet they can’t make money from that region. (And if you don’t give people a legal way to purchase your products, they may turn to downloading pirated copies. No one wants that to happen, so don’t give them a reason to. If you self-publish, likely your books are available for EVERYONE to purchase. But traditional publishers…maybe not.)

The doxxing site no longer in action, or talked about positively. You may have read my Facebook post from about 8 hours ago. The author in question provided no context, so I don’t know if she supports the doxxing site or not. Hopefully she doesn’t. The site she linked to has a history of posting their targets’ real names, locations, workplaces, and which places they visit at which times. Bullying.org does NOT endorse the doxxing site.

What are your publishing hopes?


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