[REVIEW] Half-Off Ragnarok – Seanan McGuire

Seanan McGuire
Half-Off Ragnarok (InCryptid, Book 3)
Penguin DAW (US & CA: 4th March 2014); Constable & Robinson Corsair (UK: 7th August 2014; AU: November 2014)
Buy (US Kindle Edition) Buy (US Paperback) Buy (UK Kindle Edition) Buy (UK Paperback) Buy (CA Kindle Edition) Buy (CA Paperback) Buy (Worldwide)

Someone should explain to me this series’ book titles, because I don’t get them: Discount Armageddon, Midnight Blue-Light Special, and now Half-Off Ragnarok…which doesn’t mention Ragnarok at all. (Where are the Norse when you need them?) So if these titles are some pop culture reference, they’ve gone completely over my head. Before I started the series, I figured it was about a family-owned mega-mart, whose employees hunt cryptids on the side. Boy, was I wrong! 😉

Weird titles aside, this is one of my favourite urban fantasy series, and currently the only one with which I’m up to date. (Book 4, Pocket Apocalypse, is due out in March 2015.) A switch of narrator can be a risk, but it was a wise move in this case – keeping the series fresh. Verity Price is too much of an extrovert for me to connect with, but her big brother, Alex, is much more relatable. And there’s bonus!Australian Shelby Turner, who is written very much accurately, which is a credit to her American author, Seanan McGuire. And rumour has it that Book 4 is set in Australia. The author has travelled here and lived to tell the tale, but will her characters? Stay tuned…

Oh, and I adored Crow. He must be a pain in the arse for Alex, having to take him to work sometimes, but he’s an adorable little beast. Anyone got fan art?


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