#AuthorYes – But I’m Sticking with #HaleNo

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There’s suggestion of boycotting all HarperTeen/HarperCollins titles UNTIL the publisher comes out with a statement about Hale and where they stand with their privacy policy.

Others claim it’s unfair to other HC authors who’ve done nothing wrong. So the #AuthorYes hashtag came about.

And this bothers me, because people seem more concerned about HC authors than the fact that most of the blogging community feels UNSAFE.

So how can we make HC listen, acknowledge, and respond? Yes, we know #notallYAauthors, but I think #AuthorYes completely distracts from the fact that…

Well, that “no negativity; only positivity” attitude has never sat well with me.

Bloggers are literally SCARED, but some people are more concerned with authors’ possible hurt feelings that people may not want to buy/review/promote their HC-published books UNTIL their publisher speaks out.

The suggested boycott is NOT permanent – it’s temporary, ONLY UNTIL HarperTeen/HarperCollins speaks out on the matter. What is their privacy policy? We know Hale originally got the address from a book club, but she CONFIRMED it with a publishing contact to find out if books were regularly sent there. If they confirmed that address for Hale, who else’s addresses are up for grabs?

The longer HC remains silent, the more worried the blogging community becomes. We just NEED TO KNOW. (Not me, personally, since American publishers generally don’t snail-mail books out to Australia.)

If you choose to partake in #AuthorYes, that’s your decision. But I’m sticking with #HaleNo for the time being.


#AuthorYes may have been created to take the attention away from Hale, but it still sounds too much like ignoring the situation.

I will share my praise of the authors I like any time of the year. But now is not the time. I really don’t think we should be distracting from the major issue at hand.

So while theoretically I’m with #AuthorYes, I won’t be in practicality. I don’t “hate authors”, but now is not the time to say, “Hey, look elsewhere!” and encourage people to ignore the seriousness of the situation.

Eyes on the goal, people. Let’s not distract from what’s really important – EVERYONE’s safety, security, and privacy. #AuthorYes can be a year-round thing, but this issue of personal information being disclosed without the person’s permission is something that publishing really needs to address NOW. Praise of authors can wait.


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