US Calendar of Releases

Welcome to the US Calendar of Releases. The Kindle Edition links likely only work in the US, but the print links should work for everyone. As always, dates may change, but here’s what they are for the time being, so you can plan your purchases accordingly.

21st: Darynda Jones: Seventh Grave and No Body: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
21st: Kelly Meade: Gray Bishop: Kindle Edition
21st: Maggie Stiefvater: Blue Lily Lily Blue: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
21st: Karen Ann Hopkins: Embers: Kindle Edition
28th: V. C. Andrews: Secrets of Foxworth: Kindle Edition; Hardcover; Mass Market Paperback
28th: Kelley Armstrong: Otherworld Nights: Kindle Edition; Paperback
28th: Ally Condie: Atlantia: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
28th: Megan Crewe: Earth & Sky: Kindle Edition; Paperback
28th: Tracey Garvis Graves: Cherish: Kindle Edition; Paperback
28th: Kim Harrison: Sudden Backtrack: Kindle Edition
28th: Megan Hart & Tiffany Reisz: Captivated: Paperback
28th: Caitlin Kittredge: Black Dog: Kindle Edition; Paperback

1st: Megan Hart & Tiffany Reisz: Captivated: Kindle Edition
4th: Jennifer Lynn Barnes: Killer Instinct: Hardcover
4th: Amy Rose Capetta: Entangled: Paperback
4th: Andrea Cremer: Snakeroot: Paperback
4th: Karsten Knight: Afterglow: Paperback
11th: Jenna Black: Revolution: Kindle Edition; Paperback
18th: Sylvia Day: Captivated by You: Kindle Edition; Paperback
25th: Megan Hart: Lovely Wild: Paperback
25th: Tiffany Reisz: The King: Paperback

1st: Megan Hart: Lovely Wild: Kindle Edition
1st: Tiffany Reisz: The King: Kindle Edition
2nd: Keri Arthur: Darkness Falls: Kindle Edition; Mass Market Paperback
2nd: Rinda Elliott: Foresworn: Kindle Edition
2nd: Melissa West: Collide: Kindle Edition; Paperback
8th: Katie McGarry: Breaking the Rules: Kindle Edition
9th: Lauren DeStefano: No Intention of Dying: Kindle Edition
9th: Stacey Jay: Of Beast and Beauty: Paperback
9th: Stacey Jay: Princess of Thorns: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
16th: Avery Hastings: Rival: Kindle Edition
18th: Anna Sheehan: No Life But This: Paperback
23rd: Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner: This Shattered World: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
23rd: Megan Shepherd: Her Dark Curiosity: Paperback
30th: M. D. Waters: Prototype: Paperback
31st: Kelley Armstrong: Bounty Hunt: Hardcover

2nd: Megan Hart: Every Part of You: Paperback
6th: Katie Coyle: Vivian Apple at the End of the World: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
6th: Melissa Landers: Alienated: Paperback
6th: Sophie Littlefield: Infected: Hardcover
6th: Kathleen Peacock: Thornhill: Paperback
6th: Kathleen Peacock: Wintergrove: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
6th: Lissa Price: Enders: Paperback
13th: Amy Rose Capetta: Unmade: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
13th: Richelle Mead: Silver Shadows: Paperback
20th: Kelly Meade: White Knight: Kindle Edition
20th: Kristen Simmons: Three: Paperback
27th: V. C. Andrew: Echoes of Dollanganger: Kindle Edition; Hardcover; Mass Market Paperback
27th: Marissa Meyer: Cress: Paperback
27th: Marissa Meyer: Fairest: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
27th: Megan Shepherd: A Cold Legacy: Kindle Edition; Hardcover

3rd: Rachel Caine: Prince of Shadows: Paperback
3rd: Melissa Landers: Invaded: Hardcover
5th: Lydia Kang: Control: Paperback
10th: Ilsa J. Bick: White Space: Paperback
10th: Megan Crewe: The Worlds We Make: Paperback
10th: Stephanie Diaz: Rebellion: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
10th: Richelle Mead: The Ruby Circle: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
10th: Kristen Simmons: The Glass Arrow: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
24th: Karen Bao: Dove Arising: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
24th: Jessica Brody: Unforgotten: Paperback
24th: Jessica Brody: Unchanged: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
24th: Cecil Castellucci: Tin Star: Paperback
24th: Cecil Castellucci: Stone in the Sky: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
24th: Kylie Chan: Demon Child: Mass Market Paperback
24th: Claudia Gabel & Cheryl Klam: Elusion: Paperback
24th: Megan Hart: Vanilla: Paperback
24th: Jackson Pearce: Tsarina: Paperback

MARCH 2015
1st: Carrie Mesrobian: Sex & Violence: Paperback
3rd: Madeline Ashby: Company Town: Paperback
3rd: Kathy & Becky Hepinstall: Sisters of Shiloh: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
3rd: Justine Larbalestier: Razorhurst: Hardcover
3rd: Seanan McGuire: Pocket Apocalypse: Kindle Edition; Mass Market Paperback
3rd: Devon Monk: Infinity Bell: Kindle Edition; Mass Market Paperback
3rd: Laura Ruby: Bone Gap: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
8th: Whitney A. Miller: The Crimson Gate: Paperback
10th: Ilsa J. Bick: The Dickens Mirror: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
10th: Andrea Cremer: The Inventor’s Secret: Paperback
10th: Lauren DeStefano: Perfect Ruin: Paperback
10th: Lauren DeStefano: Burning Kingdoms: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
10th: Francesca Haig: The Fire Sermon: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
10th: Lisa Heathfield: Seed: Hardcover
10th: Colleen Hoover: Confess: Kindle Edition; Paperback
10th: Peggy Kern: Little Peach: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
17th: M. J. Rose: The Witch of Painted Sorrows: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
17th: Jeri Smith-Ready: This Side of Salvation: Paperback
19th: Tracey O’Hara: Darla: Kindle Edition
24th: Laura Bickle: The Raven King: Kindle Edition
24th: Lydia Kang: Catalyst: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
31st: Kady Cross: Sisters of Blood and Spirit: Hardcover
31st: Kat Falls: Inhuman: Paperback
31st: Claudia Gabel & Cheryl Klam: Etherworld: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
31st: Tiffany Reisz: The Virgin: Paperback

APRIL 2015
2nd: Lisa Heathfield: Seed: Paperback
7th: Kelley Armstrong: Empire of Night: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
7th: Steve Bein: Disciple of the Wind: Kindle Edition; Paperback
7th: Lauren DeStefano: The Heir Apparent: Kindle Edition
14th: Bree Despain: The Shadow Prince: Paperback
14th: Martin Leicht & Isla Neal: A Stranger Thing: Paperback
14th: Martin Leicht & Isla Neal: The World Forgot: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
14th: William Campbell Powell: Expiration Day: Paperback
28th: Sharon Cameron: Rook: Kindle Edition
28th: Kim Harrison: The Witch with No Name: Mass Market Paperback

MAY 2015
5th: Darynda Jones: Seventh Grave and No Body: Mass Market Paperback
5th: Jenny Martin: Tracked: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
5th: Amy Plum: Until the Beginning: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
5th: Anna Schumacher: End Times: Paperback
5th: Jessica Spotswood: Sisters’ Fate: Paperback
11th: Saundra Mitchell: Mistwalker: Paperback
12th: Chris Beckett: Mother of Eden: Kindle Edition; Paperback
12th: Bree Despain: The Eternity Key: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
12th: Kristi Helvig: Burn Out: Paperback
12th: Eve Silver: Push: Paperback
12th: Carol Lynch Williams: Signed Skye Harper: Paperback
19th: Darynda Jones: Eighth Grave After Dark: Hardcover
19th: Tiffany Schmidt: Hold Me Like a Breath: Hardcover
19th: Francesca Zappia: Made You Up: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
26th: V. C. Andrews: Secret Brother: Hardcover
26th: Katelyn Detweiler: Immaculate: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
26th: Megan Shepherd: The Cage: Kindle Edition; Hardcover

JUNE 2015
2nd: Carolyn Adams: Ruthless: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
2nd: Carrie Ryan: Daughter of Deep Silence: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
2nd: Anna Schumacher: Children of the Earth: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
2nd: Paul G. Tremblay: A Head Full of Ghosts: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
9th: Jessica Alcott: Even When You Lie to Me: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
9th: Kristi Helvig: Strange Skies: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
9th: Stephanie Oakes: The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
9th: Eve Silver: Crash: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
9th: Danielle Vega: The Merciless: Paperback
9th: Rachel Vincent: The Stars Never Rise: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
23rd: Avery Hastings: Torn: Hardcover
23rd: Demitria Lunetta: In the End: Paperback
23rd: Laurie Faria Stolarz: Welcome to the Dark House: Paperback

JULY 2015
7th: Jennifer Lynn Barnes: The Fixer: Hardcover
7th: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff: Illuminae: Hardcover
7th: Danielle Vega: Survive the Night: Kindle Edition; Hardcover
14th: Barbara Stewart: What We Knew: Hardcover

11th: Brenna Yovanoff: Fiendish: Paperback
18th: Alexandra Sirowy: The Creeping: Kindle Edition

27th: V. C. Andrews: Bitterweet Dreams: Kindle Edition


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