[REVIEW] Black Ice – Becca Fitzpatrick

Becca Fitzpatrick
Black Ice
Simon & Schuster (US, UK, CA, & AU: 7th October 2014)
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Q. Who says the following in this novel? “…back when I had my chance, I would have kept her alive long enough to make sure you were present when I slit her throat.”
A. The guy the female lead loves, happily ever after.

That should help you decide if this romantic suspense is right for you.

This is a novel about sexism, whether internalised or otherwise. The women rely on men rescuing them. The men are full of violence and vengeance.

Britt is locked out of the lodge in the cold, on her own:

Q. How does Britt light a fire?
A. Using matches a man left outside.

Q. How does Britt get back inside the lodge?
A. By entering through a window that earlier a man broke in through and had cleared away all the glass before Britt came to it.

Britt chooses vacation spots based on where a guy she fancies will be, even in the epilogue set a year later.

The story pretends to be about the gaining of female independence, but it’s actually about falling in love with a criminal a girl aids and abets. The guy whom Britt loves, happily ever after? He holds a gun to Britt’s head within just thirty pages of the novel’s end.

The author writes the story’s snowy setting well, but anything relating to humans and their interpersonal relationships is just not good.


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