3rd October 2014 Releases

Happy Release Day to:

Cassie Alexander
The Hunted (Sleeping with Monsters, Book 2)
Argus Industrial (US: 1st October 2014)
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As a call girl, Samantha never hoped for a happily ever after until she met Vincent. It didn’t matter that he was a mobster; for seven years their life was perfect – then he was betrayed and brutally gunned down by other members of the family. Now she’s on the run for her life, and the only thing she has to remember Vincent by is a silver locket with the phone number of a stranger folded inside. Max is a queer mountain man – and a werewolf. For seven years he’s been living off the grid in exile after his pack threatened his then-boyfriend Vincent’s life. But when Vincent’s dying wishes send the beautiful Samantha to him for protection from the family, he knows what he has to do – honour his dead alpha’s wishes and keep her safe, no matter what. In her grief, Samantha’s willing to do anything to get revenge, which Max tries to talk her out of – until he realises his old pack was complicit in Vincent’s death. Then he’s as eager as she is – but they only have each other against the pack. Is she strong enough to mate with him? And if she is, is he strong enough to kill them all?


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