Twitter Won’t “Review” Witnesses’ Reports of Harassment

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post regarding Author Displays Her Bigotry on Her Public Facebook Page.

MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING: Not content with just displaying her bigotry, racism, cultural insensitivity, prejudice, vilification, hate speech, and general offensiveness, author C. L. Parks publicly sent two Twitter users an extremely graphic image: beheading. So I strongly advise you to please NOT go anywhere near Ms. Parks’s Twitter feed, because the image actually shows up – it’s not just behind a link.

I reported the Tweet to Twitter as harassment – not harassment of ME, but harassment of the recipients. But because I’m just a witness (and therefore “not directly involved” or “legally authorized to report on behalf of a person being abused or harassed”), they’re discarding my report, unread.

Not impressed. I’m not angry because they rejected MY report, but rather because they’re rejecting ALL WITNESSES’ REPORTS. Society teaches us to report a crime if we witness one. Apparently, Twitter does not agree.


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